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HELPFUL BOOKSDefying Mental Illness

Breakdown of an all american family

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barb altmanMost of my friends see a sixty plus music teacher, music therapist, a church attendee who lives a fairly normal life. Beneath the surface lies the reality of pain and suffering, being birthed into the resurrection of recovery.

Black, white; male, female; Christian, Muslim, or Jew, we were all born to be at one with each other and with God. Many times our actions sear us apart and destroy all efforts to live in unity and peace. My story is one of both human and divine intervention dropping into place to form a whole human being, destined to life with health and happiness.

Many sleepless nights have been spent crying out to God, only to have divine and human intervention step in to heal my body, mind, and spirit.

My mission is to blast the trumpets of traditional and alternative medicine, mental health counseling, and union with the divine. They all address the four pronged corners of depression, anxiety, alcoholism, and sex abuse.

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There is so much help out there for the mentally ill. Let us use the best of what God has to offer to get well. Out of my recovery and happiness has come my mission.

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