There are Angels Among Us

Angels of hope

Angels of Hope: According to Pastor Ron Tucker, there are three types of angel visitations: Clear angelic interventions, hunches, and sensory directives. I am posting about experiences I’ve had that cover each type of angelic visitation.

We live in an era of uncertainty. Are we going to be attacked by North Korea? . . . → Read More: Angels of Hope

Finding Hope: Setting Goals

Setting Goals:

The art of setting goals is an important lesson for children to learn.

I have the wonderful privilege of teaching a Sunday school class at The Center for Spiritual Living in Maryland Heights, Missouri. We talked about the importance of setting goals at the last class.  I asked the children to explain what . . . → Read More: Finding Hope: Setting Goals

What's Your Legacy?

Your Legacy

What will people say about you when you are gone? What is your legacy? Mark Twain said that people will miss you so much that even the undertaker will feel sad. What kind of a mark will you leave on the world? Will it be a better place because you were born? Will . . . → Read More: What’s Your Legacy?

Bring Hope into Your Life

Bring Hope into Your Life:

Sometimes it seems as though hope is no longer within grasp. We all experience life challenges. Happiness is largely contingent on how we deal with them. Following is an  approach to happiness and hope.

Determine to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Responding to the pain of rejection with unhealthy choices does nothing . . . → Read More: Bring Hope into Your Life

Teaching and Bringing Hope

Bringing Hope:

I brought hope to four little children today  at the Center for Spiritual Living in Maryland Heights, Missouri. We called our class, passing the torch of learning. Instead of being the lead teacher, I taught each child a musical skill on the piano and on the guitar. Each child then proceeded to teach . . . → Read More: Teaching and Bringing Hope

Bringing Hope to the Hungry

Hope to the Hungry

The number one cause of death in the world is hunger. The Tripura Foundation was set up to bring hope to the hopeless and hope to the hungry. In India alone, there are over 10,000 people suffering from hunger, including children and elderly citizens who cannot afford to feed themselves because . . . → Read More: Bringing Hope to the Hungry

Speak and Celebrate Your Successes

Celebrate Your Successes

Celebrate your successes. Verbalizing successes and celebrating them creates a vibration that will attract more success and will bring more life satisfaction, joy, and completion. I’ve recently had a series of setbacks and have spent a lot of time talking about my disappointments. I’ve been told to increase my vibration by verbalizing . . . → Read More: Speak and Celebrate Your Successes

Raising Your Happiness Quotient

Happiness Quotient

How high is your happiness quotient? Rate your level of happiness by assessing your feelings. How have you felt this past day? Have you felt amused, silly, and fun-loving? Have you experienced awe, wonder, or amazement? Have you been grateful, appreciative, and thankful? Give yourself a score for each positive attribute, with 0 being . . . → Read More: Raising Your Happiness Quotient

Joy: The Great Healer


There’s an old Chinese proverb. “One small bit of joy cancels a thousand griefs.” I heard the following story on NPR last week. A reporter from New York was giving a talk on whether or not the truth is appropriate. When is it healthy to withhold information? When is it wise to keep facts . . . → Read More: Joy: The Great Healer

Let Your Light Shine


A small town neighborhood florist extended an act of kindness to ten year old Johnny. Johnny wanted to buy his mother flowers for mother’s day. He scraped together two dimes, three nickels, and three pennies to make the purchase. Holding his fortune in his small hand, he walked into the florist’s store to buy . . . → Read More: Acts of Kindness