Making Peace With Change

Making Peace With Change

We’ve all  been witness t o pivotal change this past  week. The Supreme Court decision on gay marriage has ricocheted across the nation, causing both jubilation and distress. Change made its way into our culture, our religious beliefs, and the legal definition of marriage.

One can hardly turn on the radio . . . → Read More: Making Peace With Change

Building Success With the Power of Forgiveness

The Power of Forgiveness:

Building success through the power of forgiveness can be a life long venture. I extend many thanks to Jody Stevenson for her Sunday night presentation at the Center for Spiritual Living in Saint Louis, Missouri.

I, and many others, have come to the planet to learn the power of forgiveness . . . → Read More: Building Success With the Power of Forgiveness

Perseverance and your success

Week Four: The sunshine of hard work, diligence, and perseverance.

Story: Pablo Casals: Noted cellist Pablo Casals was still practicing the cello eight hours a day when he was in his nineties. Prior to his routine with his cello, he practiced his piano two hours each day, playing Bach, Beethoven, and Chopin. This was his . . . → Read More: Perseverance and your success

Your Success: Risk Taking

Your Success

Week Three: The sunshine of risk taking; Achieving Your Success

Story: We all know about Christopher Columbus: He sailed the ocean blue in 1492 with the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Leaders of several European nations sponsored expediitions, hoping to find great wealth and undiscovered lands. The Portuguese were the earliest . . . → Read More: Your Success: Risk Taking

The Sunshine of Reward: Delayed Gratification

The Sunshine of Reward: Delayed Gratification.

Story: Johnny and the Toy Train: Delayed gratification.

Six year old Johnny had been dreaming about the Toy Train ever since he read about it in a book about Christmas toys. He wanted that set with his whole heart and soul. But, as he found out, he would have . . . → Read More: Delayed Gratification

June: Building Your Success


June: The Sunshine of Your Success:


Story: Orville and Wilbur Wright: The first fixed wing powered flight: Wilbur and Orville Wright: The first attempt at flying their plane was on December 145h, 1903. This attempt failed and the plane had to be repaired before they could fly again. Wilbur was the pilot the . . . → Read More: June: Building Your Success

Success Principle: Bloom into Success

Bloom into Your Success  Bloom into success by creating a vibrant body.


Story: You can bloom into success by maintaining your health. You already know about my father’s unhealthy life choices. You also know about mine. Both of us were led down the steep paths of ill health because we chose to deal with . . . → Read More: Success Principle: Bloom into Success

Hope Shines Eternal for PTSD Sufferers

Hope Shines Eternal

I want to set the record straight and be a beacon of hope shines eternal. In previous newsletters, I have discussed the addiction I fostered as a teenager and implied that sugar addiction was the only precipitating cause of depression and anxiety. My addiction to sweets was the icing on the cake, . . . → Read More: Hope Shines Eternal for Everyone

You’ve Got to Love It

You’ve Got to Love It

No matter what  your life circumstance is, choosing to love it is critical in life management.  A dear friend of mine and her husband had this experience about 25 years ago. John, a successful businessman, trusted someone who dealt with real estate. Without consulting his wife, Barbara, he invested in . . . → Read More: You’ve Got to Love It

Spring into Compassion

Spring into Compassion

Spring into compassion by encouraging one another.

Two elderly men lie in their hospital beds next to one another. One man had the bed next to the window. The other had the bed next to the door. Both were seriously ill

The man in the window bed told his roommate stories . . . → Read More: Spring into Compassion


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