Buidling success with Gratitude



Successful People Build Gratitude Lists:

Story: Roberta Smith remains one of my dearest friends. She and I met in the enclaves of Grace World Church twenty years ago. Always the harbinger of good cheer, Roberta exudes the energies of love, compassion, forgiveness, and gratitude. Her life mission is to minister to those suffering . . . → Read More: Buidling success with Gratitude

Building successful communities

Building Successful Communities:

Story: Communities are the bedrocks of either failure or success. The town of Ferguson, Missouri has recently been rocked by the killing of a black teenager at the hands of a Ferguson police officer. The facts of the case are not yet in as of this writing. The actions of several hundred . . . → Read More: Building successful communities

Build Success: Be a Dream Maker

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I’m developing a dual identity of depression survivor and success builder. There’s an old saying. “Kill two birds with one stone.” Being a dream maker accomplishes both beating depression and developing success. In his famous speech, Dr. Martin Luther King proclaimed “I have a dream.” He was a dream maker.

Our . . . → Read More: Build Success: Be a Dream Maker

Beating Depression By Finding Your Strengths


What a privilege it was to be able to speak to new employees at Missouri Psychiatric Center on beating depression by finding your strengths.

I have had the privilege, over the last year, to speak for Respect Speakers Institute. Respect Institute  was founded by Joel Slack who has experienced mental health challenges. Tremendous loss . . . → Read More: Beating Depression By Finding Your Strengths

Building Success Through Networking


Story: Joe Fremont is at the forefront of the networking movement. Joe Fremont’s life story brings tears to those who hear him speak. While his demeanor is one of confidence, fulfillment, and abundance, his experiences would have crippled a weaker person. When he was ten years old he was sexually abused by an alcoholic . . . → Read More: Building Success Through Networking

Achieving Success Through Finding Life Balance


Achieving Success Through Finding Life Balance:

Story: Judy Robertson grew up in a family dysfunction similar to mine. There was one exception. We lived in relative poverty while her family enjoyed abundance. The rest of our stories run parallel to each other. Both of our fathers wasted their lives away to drinking and . . . → Read More: Achieving Success Through Finding Life Balance

Learning: a Path to Success


Learning: A Path To Success; Story: Dr. Sylvia Weintraub: Dr. Weintraub and I met about twenty five years ago at an out of state singles’ workshop. I was immediately impressed by her sharp wit and intelligence. Like many of us, she has come through some challenging life situations. Her coping mechansims are beyond reproach . . . → Read More: Learning: a Path to Success

Planning for Success

http://www.depressiontorecovery.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Weekly-Happiness-Tip.wmv Planning-for-success

Story: Elizabeth James: Elizabeth knows the secret of planning for success.  She  has been a friend of mine for over two decades. We met when I joined Federation of Music Teachers. Even though I had been teaching for more than twenty years, I still felt inadequate as a teacher. Enter Elizbeth. We met . . . → Read More: Planning for Success

Achieving Success Through the Power of Love

The power of love

Story: I met Dirk when I joined his Church ten years ago. In his senior years, Dirk learned to live with the power of love.  He was already suffering the effects of a stroke suffered in l997.  Dirk was aphasic. He spoke with agonizing difficulty. A counselor by profession, he still . . . → Read More: Achieving Success Through the Power of Love

From Pity Party to Dancing


How tempting it is to play at the pity party until death takes us over. What a waste of time. Maybe it’s time to go from the pity party to dancing. At age seventy, it’s certainly time for me.

Thank you Marigene Da Rusha for “The Past Does Not Inform the Future.” What a . . . → Read More: From Pity Party to Dancing


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