Thanksgiving for Finances

Thanksgiving for Finances Take some time this month to experience gratitude for finances. 

Suze Orman: True generosity is an offering, given freely and out of pure love. No strings attached. No expectations. Time and love are the most valuable possession you can share.



Story: J.D. Rawlings was at the pit of despair when she . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving for Finances

Thanksgiving for Friends

Thanksgiving for Friends  

Octavia Butler Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it’s all over. Take time to extend . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving for Friends

Thanksgiving for family

 Thanksgiving for family November: A month of Thanksgiving: Week One: Thanksgiving for family:

Story: I have several wonderful student families. A few months after I started teaching Beth and Robert, their parents invited me to their home to share dinner with them. They have a heartwarming family tradition. Each night the parents read a Bible . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving for family

Build Success With the Gift of Ingenuity

Build Success With the Gift of Ingenuity


Would you like to experience success by using the gift of ingenuity? Chris Zane got on the success train atthe tender age of twelve. He saw the need for bicycle repair in his home town of East Haven, Connecticut.

When he was sixteen he convinced his parents . . . → Read More: Build Success With the Gift of Ingenuity

Organic Baby Foods: Creative Ideas

Organic Baby Foods: Creative Ideas

Successful entrepreneurs often search for creative ideas that meet their needs and those of the general public. Thomas Edison capitalized on the need for light.  Jonas Salk sought to eliminate polio. And Alexander Graham Bell created technology that would foster more wide spread communication.

New moms Liane Weintraaub and Shannon . . . → Read More: Organic Baby Foods: Creative Ideas

Eighty Seven and Still Success filled

Success filled

Meet Rose, an eight seven year old success filled woman who went to college and graduated.

The professor looked out at his class on the first day of the semester. He had a sea of nineteen year olds and one wrinkled octogenarian, Rose, who wanted to finish her college degree.

They established an . . . → Read More: Eighty Seven and Still Success filled

Success: From Scars to Stars

Building success

Building success involves turning life scars into stars. Have you ever felt cheated by life’s challenges? Did you have a rough childhood? Do you bear the scars of rejection, addictions, or ill health? Don’t allow hurts, disappointments, and sorrows to dim your vision for your life. learn to build your purpose by finding . . . → Read More: Success: From Scars to Stars

Building Success With Compassion


Compassion works well with the elderly,  with handicapped children, and with the terminally ill.  I have the privilege of working at a local nursing home doing music therapy. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I meet with 15 to twenty residents and do a theme related program. Yes, the music speaks to them. Rhythm band activities . . . → Read More: Building Success With Compassion

Putting Boundaries on Anger

Boundaries on Anger:

It pays to put boundaries on anger. I have a student who runs a woman’s resell shop with her mother and her sister. I asked her if working with family sometimes causes stress. She said “Of course, we’re human.”  We don’t allow each other to remain angry longer than twenty minutes.”

What . . . → Read More: Putting Boundaries on Anger

Building Success Through Networking

Success Networking is a powerful success tool

Story: Joe Fremont’s life story brings tears to those who hear him speak.  Joe’s life story is one of success in spite of early childhood trauma. While his demeanor is one of confidence, fulfillment, and abundance, his experiences would have crippled a weaker person. When he was . . . → Read More: Building Success Through Networking