Preparing Teens for Successful Lives


My mother was an expert on preparing teens for successful lives. When I was ten years old, she sat me down for a mom to daughter encounter and told me that I could come to her with any concern or worry I might have. What a treasure that was!

So how can we prepare . . . → Read More: Preparing Teens for Successful Lives

Ten Small Blessings

Small Blessings:

Life is made up of small blessings. How many blessings do we take for granted? How many small things add to the value of our lives?

I have a condition called spasmodic vocal dysphonia. After several months of voice therapy, I decided to receive a botox treatment. Botox treatments can cause temporary breathiness, which . . . → Read More: Ten Small Blessings

Three Success Secrets

Three Success Secrets:

Three Success secrets; Perseverance, perspiration, and purpose.

Success secrets number One: Perseverance: Anything worth achieving involves perseverance, or the ability to stick with a goal through frustration, challenges, and obstacles. Think of the work of Orville and Wilbur Wright who worked through the process of building that first airplane. Where would the world . . . → Read More: Three Success Secrets

Ten Things Successful people Do

Successful People:

There are ten things that successful people do:

Successful people learn the value of delayed gratification. Success does not come quickly. It’s often a long and arduous road. Bill Gates and his business partner used to spend four to five hours each day experimenting with computers. Success comes with a price and with a . . . → Read More: Ten Things Successful people Do

Facing Down Frustration


The last few days have been frought with frustration! I’m working on my second book, Doorways to Your Success, and have decided to do some advance posting on success related blogs. My account with Disqus was no longer active. When I reestablished it, Disqus was not sending a verification email to me so I could . . . → Read More: Facing Down Frustration

Three Components of Success: Finances, Relationships, and Health

Finances, Relationships, and Health

Three life areas are critical to building success: Finances, relationships, and health. Following are ideas concerning building success in these critical areas.

Finances: Put aside ten percent of your monthly income into a savings account. This will help you manage the finances part of finances, relationships, and health. Set up a . . . → Read More: Three Components of Success: Finances, Relationships, and Health

Getting on the Money Train: Building Success

The Money Train:

There is nothing wrong with getting on the money train. Money by itself is not the root of all evil. The love of money is the root of all evil.

There are over two thousand verses in the Bible on money. This makes money a spiritual commodity.

So how does one get on . . . → Read More: Getting on the Money Train: Building Success

Building health: Building Success

Building health:

It’s difficult to build success when ill health is an issue. Building health is a prerequisite for building success. I would like to pass along the health secrets I have learned over my seventy-tw0 years.

Diet: Foods to eat in abundance:

Vegetables: Eat kale, mustard greens, bok choy, and spinach. All four are alkalizing . . . → Read More: Building health: Building Success

Building A Successful Life

successful life

Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem with burnt stones. Build a successful life by rebuilding your burnt stones.

All of us have been hurt. Everyone has experienced rejection, pain, or emotional distress. To build successful lives, we need to heal those burnt stones.

Picture this: A young woman, thirty years of age, goes to visit her dying . . . → Read More: Building A Successful Life

Getting on the Gravy Train

The Gravy Train:

All aboard, all aboard, all aboard! Get on the gray train! Enjoy life and experience the thrill of success. Let’s take a look at three small ways to get Amtrak and enjoy the scenery. Don’t you want to have everything that life has to offer? Don’t you want to ride the rails . . . → Read More: Getting on the Gravy Train