Building Your Happiness Quotient

Happiness quotient:

Do you want to elevate your happiness quotient? There is a four step spiritual process that will help you pull yourself out of the doldrums and into the clouds. Take a few minutes each morning to set the tone for the day.

Do some spiritual reading. Words of wisdom from the Bible, from . . . → Read More: Building Your Happiness Quotient

Living a Noteworthy Life


How can you make your life noteworthy?

I have the opportunity to speak as a part of Respect Speakers in the Saint Louis Area. Respect was founded by Joel Slack who began having psychotic episodes when he was in his teens. Two of us spoke to a group of social work students at Washington University . . . → Read More: Living a Noteworthy Life

The piano lesson

The Power of Music Lessons

Glory day had arrived. For the last six months, my mother had been encouraging me to ask the nuns at my school about piano lessons. I kept putting it off,,  because I really wanted dance and baton instruction. My mother said they were too expensive.

The piano teacher at . . . → Read More: The piano lesson

Finding Success: Learning to Wait

 Finding Success:  We all want to go about finding success. I admire the work of Walter Mischel who conducted a series of studies on delayed gratification in the 1960s and 1970s. Each child in a local preschool was given two choices. One marshmallow was given if the child wanted to receive it immediately. Two were . . . → Read More: Finding Success: Learning to Wait

Find Your Life Purpose

Life Purpose

The older I get, the more I want to pursue my life purpose. I have the privilege of serving the elderly in a local nursing home. I visit residents four times a week with the gift of music.

About a month ago, I met one of the new residents, Ms. McKnight. One look . . . → Read More: Find Your Life Purpose

From Anger to Compassion

Anger to Compassion

Moving from anger to compassion requires a great deal of practice.

I had the chance to connect with a former acquaintance today in my acupuncturist’s office. We talked about the loss of his wife, Catherine. Bob was with her when she died.

Catherine passed from a heart attack, precipitated by obesity and . . . → Read More: From Anger to Compassion

Recapturing Your Childhood

Recapturing Your Childhood

How you ever wished you could go back to your childhood? Children are free to explore and have fun. They don’t have bills to pay, food to cook, or groceries to buy. Adult lives are crammed with schedules, deadlines, and work obligations. Children can whittle away time as though it were an . . . → Read More: Recapturing Your Childhood

Creating a Symphony of Love

Story: For the Love of Music

Learn how to create a symphony of love. There was a musician who loved to compose beautiful music. Each day he would sit down at his piano and work until his music reflected the beauty he heard in his mind. Each year he entered his compositions in a local . . . → Read More: Creating a Symphony of Love

The Gift of Love

Love: A new Beginning

The root of  new beginnings is love I love all people and all people love me.  How often do we sweep the rug of security out from under by clutching anger, resentment, and anguish? How often do we refuse to allow new beginnings to heal us? How often do we refuse . . . → Read More: New Beginnings: Love

Success Secret: Write Down Your Goals

Success Secret

New Year’s Resolution number one: Make a list of goals for the new year. Perhaps your goals can fall into a group of categories.

1. Financial: How much money do you want to make this year? And how do you plan to add to your finances? Financial goals are important. There are over . . . → Read More: Success Secret: Write Down Your Goals