October: Harvest month


Week One: Harvest the gift of commitment. The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor. – Vincent Lombardi

Story: Honoring excellence Every year Johns Hopkins School of Nursing inducts new members into FAAN, the American Academy of Nursing. Forty-two percent . . . → Read More: October: Harvest month

Hope for Relationships


It’s all about relationships. I have the wonderful chance to teach a class at the Center for spiritual Living in Maryland Heights, Mo. We only had two students today. There was enough repartee to construct a good conversation between a six year old and a twelve year old.

I came in armed to the eyeballs . . . → Read More: Hope for Relationships

Saint Louis: Hope

Healing in Saint Louis:

Most of the nation probably knows about the situation in Saint Louis. Can healing occur in Saint Louis? Former officer Stockley was just acquitted of murder charges in the 2011 shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith. I have an opinion about what happened in this case. I am not going to express it . . . → Read More: Healing in Saint Louis

Mohahammad Ali: The Greatest

Barbara Altman, the author of hope, has written two books: “Hope Shines Eternal: My Journey Through Mental Illness” and Passages of Hope, 52 Real Life Stories that Will Inspire and Encourage You.” Both can be purchased on Amazon, Kindle, and on WWW. AuthorofHope.comhe Greatest:

The late great boxer, Mohammed Ali had no loss of self esteem. . . . → Read More: Mohahammad Ali: The Greatest

Let Love Be Your Legacy


Let love be your legacy. All my life, I have absorbed the energies of shame, depression, and hopelessness. My family has a long legacy of alcoholism, abuse, and criminal behavior. I grew up carrying the heavy burdens of acts committed by family members. So I ask myself, what will my legacy be? How can . . . → Read More: Let Love Be Your Legacy

Spiritual Hope:

Spiritual Hope:

Where is our spiritual hope?

How do we surmount the panacea facing us on a daily basis? We have to deal with North Korea, Charlottesville, Neo-Nazis, and white supremacists. In the face of all of this, where is our hope? How can we build a spiritual foundation that produces joy and happiness? How . . . → Read More: Spiritual Hope:

From Chaos To Hope

Chaos To Hope:

We need to go from chaos to hope

The events of the past week have been dizzying. Riots in Charlottesville North Carolina have brought the nation to its knees. Shootings and outbursts have put most everyone on edge. When will this all end? Will we have civil war? How can we march . . . → Read More: From Chaos To Hope

There are Angels Among Us

Angels of hope

Angels of Hope: According to Pastor Ron Tucker, there are three types of angel visitations: Clear angelic interventions, hunches, and sensory directives. I am posting about experiences I’ve had that cover each type of angelic visitation.

We live in an era of uncertainty. Are we going to be attacked by North Korea? . . . → Read More: Angels of Hope

Finding Hope: Setting Goals

Setting Goals:

Children need to learn the art of setting goals.


I have the wonderful privilege of teaching a Sunday school class at The Center for Spiritual Living in Maryland Heights, Missouri. Tthe importance of setting goals was the topic at the last class.  I asked the children to explain what they could do when . . . → Read More: Finding Hope: Setting Goals

What's Your Legacy?

Your Legacy

What will people say about you when you are gone? What is your legacy? Mark Twain said that people will miss you so much that even the undertaker will feel sad. What kind of a mark will you leave on the world? Will it be a better place because you were born? Will . . . → Read More: What’s Your Legacy?