I Promise to have more contact with family members

family members


Yet another year has gone by with limited contact with family members. What’s my excuse? I don’t have time. I don’t want to hear about their challenges. I have enough of my own. Or , time flies and I forgot to contact them. Shame on me. Shame on me. Shame on me. . . . → Read More: I Promise to have more contact with family members

What is Your Christmas gift to the world?


What would you put in your Christmas stockings? If you had just four Christmas stockings to hang on the mantle, what would you put in each one? Perhaps one could be filled with the gift of love. Another could be the gift of compassion. Number three could have the gift of learning. And number . . . → Read More: Christmas Stockings

I promise to set limits for Myself


Set limits-for-myself

The new year is upon us. So which promises do you want to make for yourself so 2015 can be productive, happy, and fulfilling? I have four ideas. Each one fits one week of January.

* Set limits for myself

* Have more contact with family members

* Take better care . . . → Read More: I promise to set limits for Myself

Give the Gift of Love

The-gift-of-love Researcher Barbara Fredrickson has done extensive work on the health giving properties of the gift of love.  Giving love increases vagus nerve output. The vagus nerve runs from the brain to various organs in the body, including the heart. Dr. Simon Yu has a test that records the strength of the vagus nerve. Dr. . . . → Read More: Give the gift of Love

The Gift of Friendship

http://www.depressiontorecovery.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Weekly-Happiness-Tip.wmv friendship

Be grateful for friendship


Story: Rosemary Banayat Bennett and I met at the Saint Louis Institute of Music. We both studied piano and music theory under the direction of some outstanding teachers. I had very few friends when I was a teenager. School was socially challenging. I faced serious physical and . . . → Read More: The Gift of Friendship

Gratitude for family life.

Ten Low Cost Stress Relievers


November: A month of gratitude:

Week One: Gratitude for family life

Story: I have several wonderful student families. A few months after I started teaching Beth and Robert, their parents invited me to their home to share dinner with them. They have a heartwarming family tradition. Each night the . . . → Read More: Gratitude for family life.

Harvesting Health: Making Healthy Choices

harvesting heatlh –

We must all be about the business of harvesting health. One of the strongest deterrents to success is ill health. Likewise, one of the strongest success builders is physical vitality . I know this from personal experience. I cannot say this strongly or loudly enough. Genetics do not determine our health outcome. . . . → Read More: Harvesting Health: Making Healthy Choices

Harvesting Abundance


Check this out for information on  abundance.


The word abundance usually conjures up the concept of money. There are over 2,000 verses in the Bible referring to money. Think about your vibrational currency regarding abundance. How does it feel? What is the feeling surrounding money and abundance? Doesn’t it feel good to think . . . → Read More: Harvesting Abundance: Building Success

Building success By Creating Joy

http://www.depressiontorecovery.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/Weekly-Happiness-Tip.wmv creating-joy

Story: I conduct three creating joy therapeutic music sessions each week at a local nursing home. Rhythm band seems to be the residents’ favorite activity. It’s also mine. It’s so joyful to see their faces light up when they get to play the drums, the maracas, the bells, or the washboards. A few . . . → Read More: Building success By Creating Joy

Giving The Gift of Success:


The gift of success is so critical to our well being. I have the privilege of teaching Sunday school once a month at The Center for Spiritual Living in Maryland Heights, Missouri. During our next class, I will be leading them in three exercises designed to give them the gift of success, and to . . . → Read More: Giving The Gift of Success:


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