The Importance of Mindfulness


Recent events have pointed me in the direction of thinking, acting, and planning with the attribute called mindfulness.

How often do many of us act without thinking? How often do we drive without concentrating? How often do we take ordinary everyday activities with a grain of salt and go through the motions of daily . . . → Read More: The Importance of Mindfulness

The Gifts of Kindness and Respect

kindness and Respect The elephants’ trip to pay kindness and respect.

Lawrence Anthony was a South African legend, author, and lover of elephants. He rescued elephants all over the world from atrocities, cruelty, and abuse.

On March 7, 2012 Lawrence Anthony died. He was missed by his wife, his children, his grandchildren, and his elephants.

. . . → Read More: The Gifts of Kindness and Respect

Life is Like a Piece of Cake

Recovering from Depression, anxiety, and psychosis life is like a piece of Cake

Life is like a piece of cake. The ingredients aren’t all delicious. Yes, butter, eggs, and sugar  are all delicious. But the cake batter itself is less than tasty.

There is a definite life analogy here. Cake has a whole list of ingredients. That . . . → Read More: Life is Like a Piece of Cake

Listen to Your Intuition

Recovering from Depression, anxiety, and psychosis listen-to-your-intuition

Your intuition can guide you, protect you, and instruct you. Two nights ago, March fourth, 2015, I had a fender bender. All day long I had an uneasy feeling about danger. The word “fall” came to mind. As I walked to and from appointments, I was mindful . . . → Read More: Listen to Your Intuition

March to Success


You  can walk to  success. You can run to  success. Or you can march to  success. I prefer to march. Walking is too slow. Running is too fast. Marching is slow and steady.

I have in my music studio three students who exhibit wonderful success habits.

Six year old Sammy came in last week . . . → Read More: March to Success

Love the Power of Healing


Love the power of healing.We all have the ability to heal. Each one of us is the product of that one cell out of three roughly three billion that travels up the fallopian tube successfully. Determination, perseverance, and the itch to survive are all genetic in nature.

The cell is the most elemental unit of the . . . → Read More: Love the Power of Healing

The Loving Power of Music The-loving-power-of-music

I was eight years old when I first experienced the loving power of music. My mother dragged my unwilling body up the steps, into the home, down the hall, and into Mrs. Lemke’s sparse piano studio. The room housed one ancient  spinet, two chairs, and one piano bench intended for its tiny charges. . . . → Read More: The Loving Power of Music

Love Makes the World Go Round

Ten Low Cost Stress Relievers


Love makes the world go round. I have the privilege of teaching a Sunday school class at the Center for Spiritual Living on the first Sunday of each month. This morning, I placed three hearts on the board. One was for listing the people each child loves. The second . . . → Read More: Love Makes the World Go Round

Love Principle Number One: Spiritual Community The Power of Love:

The power of love can present individually, in our families, or in spiritual community. Love is everywhere. No man is an island, as the saying goes. We all have the innate desire to connect to the divine. Yes, we can worship alone. Yes, we can read the Bible alone. And . . . → Read More: The Power of Love: Spiritual Community

Second Resolution: Treat Myself and Others With Respect


Respect is key to a  successful life. I happen to be a part of Respect Institute. Joel Slack is the founder of Respect Institute. All respect speakers have the option of signing up to speak at various local hospitals about beating the stigma of mental illness. Respect refers to a much broader spectrum of . . . → Read More: Resolution Number Four: Treat Myself and Others With Respect


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