Turning Negative Thoughts into Positive Thoughts: Building a Happy Life

From Negative to Positive thoughts


We are all bombarded by negative thoughts. One only has to listen to or read the news to be subjected to negativity. So how do we guard our minds and shift from sad to happy, from depressed to joyful, or from negative to positive thoughts?  The following suggestions may help.

l. Realize that we are all in control of our thoughts. Yes, that’s right. We are the captains of our ships; our tongues are the rudders that guide our thoughts; and our brains are either strengthened or harmed by the ideations we entertain. Don’t be led to think that transference from negative to positive thoughts  will change our lives in a second. Quite the opposite is true. It takes practice. I tell this to my music students a hundred times a week. Practice makes permanent. That’s how it is with our thought processes. A daily commitment is a prerequisite for change.

2. Learn to recognize harmful thinking and make a resolution to say STOP when it occurs. Turn that thinking into positive thoughts. Keeping a journal or a record of them can be helpful. Learn to identify the triggering factors and make the decision to reverse course immediately.

3. Once it pops into consciousness, make the decision to do a reversal. Are you telling yourself you can’t do something? Change those negative thoughts to positive thoughts. Learn to recognize a new endeavor as a learning experience. Are you saying “I can’t take this anymore”? Find a friend who has a warm ear and who will help in the process of coming up with solutions. Are you worried about something? Make the conscious choice to begin to trust that answers will come.

4. Bathe yourself in uplifting sayings. Post them all over your home or apartment. Read the Bible. It’s full of encouragement and positive  thoughts. Find a good book on humor. Soak yourself in laughter. What we think about expands; what we read, grows; what we plant matures into reality.

5. Surround yourself with upbeat, positive people who encourage positive thoughts. Join groups. Become an integral part of communities and organizations. Connect with those who serve to encourage, uplift, and console. Isolation breeds depression. Connections breed happiness and positive thoughts.

6. Don’t give up. Keep on persisting in the effort to remain upbeat, full of enthusiasm and good humor. Your efforts will pay off enormously. It’s like money in the bank. Keep making daily deposits and the interest will grow. Keep saving up good energy, and the flow of inspiration will continue to come; keep banking lofty thoughts and your days will be happy and complete. Your positive thoughts will win over the negative thoughts.

Dear readers, do you have any other ideas on this topic? Feel free to share them.

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