Preventing Panic Attacks

Panic attacks 

Panic attacks are so bothersome! Who needs panic attacks? Who wants panic attacks? Who would like to get rid of panic attacks? The answer to question one is no one. The answer to question two is no one. The answer to question three is everyone!


I travel to the homes of several music students. Today, I left on my weekly visit to the home of a student who lives about thirty minutes away. Armed with several pieces of new music, I was happily anticipating arriving at her home.

But it was not to be. No, it was definitely not to come to pass.

Right at the exit off 44 onto 270, traffic was blocked up, creating a wait of about forty five minutes. Of course, my cell phone was not charged! Of course!

The ensuing moments precipitated what could have been a mammoth panic attack, which fortunately did not happen.

These are the steps I used to forestall panic attacks.

1. I used the time to kick back, relax, and thank God for the extra time on my hands. Step number one: Learn to be grateful in all situations. Panic attacks become much more manageable when relaxation kicks in.

2. I told myself I would call my student and explain the situation. Step number two: Don’t catastrophise.  Refusing to expect the worst can minimize panic attacks.

3. If the delay was caused by an accident, there would be someone out there who was having a much worse day. Step number three: Find compassion for someone.

4. If the delay was caused  by road work, I could be thankful for all the highway workers improving our roads. Step number four: Acknowledge someone else’s contribution to society.

5. Standing still on the highway produces a totally safe situation. Step number five: Ackowledge and embrace safety. This alone may forestall  panic attacks.

6. I had the chance to get out of the car and talk to the driver behind me. Step number six: Make new friends.

7. Taking deep breaths calmed me down. Step number seven: Deep breathing really does work! Panic attacks tend to flee when deep breathing is implemented.

8. Control of my natural proclivity to utter blue words came into practice. Step number eight: Resolve to use positive language.

9. Listening to music on the radio calmed my jittery nerves. Step number nine: Use sound as a sedative. Music therapy is wonderful for panic attacks.

10. Taking time to pray served to be grounding. Step number ten: Calling on the power of God relaxed me.

There you have my ten steps to calm on the highway: kick back, don’t catastrophise, be compassionate, be thankful, embrace safety, make new friends, take a deep breath, listen to soothing music, and call on the power of God.

Dear readers, please feel free to share your ideas on staying calm.

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