Faith Without Works Is Dead


There’s a lot of teaching out there about visualizing and attracting what we need in our lives through the power of thought. Attitude is important in achieving success; so is action. If we don’t move our feet to achieve our goals, success will never occur. Faith without works is dead.

Trust in God is important. It’s the first step in building a successful life. So is ambition. If we don’t become proactive in our goals, nothing will ever happen. We have to couple faith with works to achieve what we want in life.

A positive can do attitude is significant. So is hard work. If we don’t act on our dreams, they will not materialize. Faith plus works makes our dreams materialize.

Faith is important. It gives the underlying security needed when everything else seems rocky. So is determination. Yes, God will supply our needs. Believing that all of creation is a part of God, we carry a large responsibility. We need to get still each day so God can communicate His will to us and we need to act, act, act on that direction.

Recently, a young man at my church talked about his dream of going into musical theater. I asked him if he had looked into the job opportunities in this field. Another member said. “His opportunities are limitless.” Well, maybe they are, if he looks in a direction that has limitless opportunities.

Pat Robertson, in response to a caller’s inquiry about jobs, said: “Check out the market. You might be good at basket weaving, or stuffing envelopes, but neither field is ripe with opportunities or money.”

So what constitutes works? Perhaps this can come in three categories.
One would be giving. There are those who have given out of the depths of their souls to help others. Consider Corrie Ten Boom and her family who sacrificed their lives to save innocent Jews. Perhaps we are not called to such dramatic action. But we can give in other ways. For example, the person who has had health problems may share ways to overcome them with others who have had the same challenges.

Consider Billy Graham who, as a young man, received the calling to preach. Again, our callings may not be quite as world reaching, but we can extend kindness to our families, neighbors, and communities through volunteer services.

Consider the countless teachers who dedicate their lives to educating our children for low pay. Maybe we’re not called to teach, but there may be volunteer opportunities out there to contribute to our communities.

Finally, consider our own individual dreams and goals. Follow that star, be willing to devote the ten thousand hours of hard work to acheive them and move to higher and higher good.

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