Blessed is the one who obeys the law of the Lord

The Law-of-the-lord 



Psalm one, verse two: He thinks about his law day and night. He meditates on the Law of the Lord day and night.
Psalm one, verse three: Everything godly people do turns out well.  Godly people mediate on the Law of the Lord.

One might ask if it’s possilbe to think about the Law of the Lord twenty-four seven. Perhaps it isn’t. However, if one develops the practice of praying first thing in the morning and setting a positive intention coming out of that prayer, then one’s actions throughout the day will be governed by that first thought.

Gordon Robertson, Pat Robertson’s son, gives his father credit for praying from his Bible at the start of each day. He picks out verses relative to whatever the challenges of the day might be and lets this prayer time set the tone for the rest of the day. He thinks about the Law of the Lord.

Corrie Ten Boom, in “The Hiding Place,” talked about the regular prayer time the family had each morning, at meal times, and at night before going to bed. They truly had a heart for prayer and these prayer sessions guided them throughout their days in all of their endeavors.

I had a friend many years ago by the name of Pat Gowen. Her father, Doctor Leo Gowen, gathered the family at six o”clock every evening for a family rosary. It was quite a touching sight to see all seven Gowen children and their parents unite in family prayer. They knew about the Law of the Lord.

I set a prayer time of fifteen minutes in the morning, during which time I visualize my goals, see them happening, and set my intention for the day. At night, before going to bed. I reinforce the morning prayer and pray once again for all my intentions.

Devout Muslims pray five times a day to Allah.

Devout Catholics pray the rosary daily. They think about the Law of the Lord.

Devout Christians set aside a daily time for prayer and Bible study.

Devout Religious scientists have a daily time of meditation.

Consistency in prayer leads to daily commitment of self to the highest spiritual path.

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