Building Church Communities: Celebrating Hope


Celebrating Hope

Tonight, I heard about the premature death of a forty nine year old man who died from cirrhosis of the liver from years of alcohol abuse. He did not have a reason to engage in celebrating hope.

Last Sunday, I was a part of a presentation about building church communities that would serve to reach out to people who are hurting. The church is starting a Celebrate Recovery program, which is a twelve step program aimed at helping hurting people reclaim their lives. Celebrate Recovery helps people step into celebrating hope. It’s a program of rebirth, transformation, and harmony.

How often do we step into unhealthy boxes in an effort to shield ourselves from pain? How often do we create more problems with addictions in an effort to resolve pain? How often to we fail to treat ourselves in a healthy way?

So how do we go about celebrating hope? Let’s look at a few ways to do this.

1. Pray. Connecting with a higher power creates a pathway toward celebrating hope. We are limited in our spiritual reach. But when we couple our hearts with God, we have the potential for hope and recovery.

2. Connect with others who have the same spiritual aspirations and beliefs. This brings hope because we are all social creatures and we need one another.

3. Read the Bible and live in accordance with it’s precepts. Hope abounds in the scriptures. It’s God’s love letter to us.

4. Find and develop our individual strengths. When we live in harmony with our capabilities, we bring hope to life in our hearts, minds, and spirits.

5. Help others  find their strengths. What goes around, comes around. What we share, magnifies in our lives and multiplies in us and in those with whom we connect. Hope comes with connecting with others in a positive way.

6. Bring hope, share hope, and spread hope. It will come back to you ten fold.


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1 comment to Building Church Communities: Celebrating Hope

  • First, how do we offer hope… bring a person to the point that the person is hopeful. Only then can we celebrate. What led to the gentleman’s alcohol abuse? What if we cannot pray? What if the words in the Bible, however potent to a believer, are hollow to the ears of those who are hurting? Two suggestions … there are more that I others may offer:
    1. Through words and deeds, express love and demonstrate to the hurting person that he/she is lovable.
    2. Provide support for the hurting person, if no other way, by your prayers and presence.

    I believe that the steps outlined above do work … they worked for me BUT only after I had moved from a place of hopelessness; only then.

    Thanks for sharing these “healing the hurt strategies.”

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