The Transformative Power of Prayer: The Church is Our Washing Machine

The Transformative Power of Prayer

Many years ago, I had one of the most spiritual dreams possible. I thought I had to clean up my act in order to invite Jesus and the power of prayer into my life. I was sitting in my house feeling the utmost of despair because it was so dirty. With one small toothbrush in my hand and a tiny bar of soap, I set about cleaning it. Hours later, Jesus appeared at my door and begged me to let Him in. My house only had one doorknob. It was on the inside. I kept saying, “not now Lord, my house isn’t clean. I have to straighten it up first.” I kept struggling with my toothbrush and tiny bar of soap.

An hour later, He knocked again. “Not now, Lord, it’s still dirty.”

About three hours later, He knocked again. By now the toothbrush had disappeared and the bar of soap was indistinguishable. In desperation, I opened the door, expecting to see an angry Jesus who was ready to shoot me down for all my indiscretions, sins, and faults. Instead, I saw the most loving and forgiving eyes. The power of prayer was reaching out to me to bring about healing.

He brought with Him thousands of buckets filled with cleaning fluid and thousands of mops and brooms ready to take on the task of bringing the healing power of prayer to me.

I wondered, as I was dreaming, how He got all those implements into my miniscule home. When He came out about three hours later, my house was filled with the colors of gold and silver.  I wnat to bring that kind of respite as I write and as I go about giving presentations on hope, victory, and transformation.

I have come to regard those buckets, mops and brooms as all the wonderful people who have come into my life in the form of counselors, friends, church members, and civic groups. They are my village. It can be lonely to suffer alone. No one needs to do that. The power of prayer brings choice, victory, recovery, and transformation.

I experience my power of prayer in my acceptance of Jesus. Others experience it in temples, synagogues, or in the privacy of their own power of prayer life. No matter where your source lies, the power of prayer brings with it healing, transformation, happiness, and personal fulfillment.

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