Can Children Become Depressed? Symptoms of Depression in Children

Depression in Children


Do children suffer from depression? The short answer is yes. Depressed children can experience a variety of symptoms.

Common symptoms are irritability, guilt feelings, isolation, sudden vocal outbursts, lack of focus, anxiety, and an inability to experience the consequences of their actions.

Irritability: Depressed children may show more signs of irritability than children who are not depressed. Normal every day stresses that do not impact the average child may become mountains to climb in depressed children.

Guilt Feelings: Like their adult counterparts, depressed children may exhibit signs of abnormal amounts of guilt over minor situations. Typically, children of divorce, for example may perceive themselves to be at fault for their parents’ separation. They may take on blame that is not theirs to bear.

Isolation: Depressed children may become loners. Sometimes it’s necessary to isolate in order to pull oneself together. This tendency can become unhealthy as is evidenced by the numbers of adults who commit serious crimes who were labeled as loners when they were children and adolescents.

Sudden Vocal Outbursts: Depressed children may be unable to control temper tantrums and may erupt in vocal tirades when they become upset. Often their tirades are not in sync with the situation at hand.

Lack of focus: Depressed children may exhibit ADHD tendencies. They may have difficulty completing tasks and they may have academic challenges as a result, resulting in more frustration for them.

Anxiety: Depressed children may experience extreme anxiety which can erupt in the form of low tolerance to noise and to touch. This neurological overload taxes them even further and thwarts any attempt to live a normal life.

Inability to experience the consequences of their actions: Depressed children may lack the ability to recognize the results of their actions. They may be impervious to the impact their actions have on others.


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