Healthy Dietary Choices


When I was a teenager, I made some unhealthy dietary choices that cost me my mind and lead to depression, anxiety, and psychosis. Today, I am all about healthy dietary choices.

A long list of ingredients on any food label is primary indicator that the food is processed. The longer the list, the more processing has gone into the food. Wise consumers who are interested in healthy dietary choices will read the label and will be knowledgeable about its content.

In my opinion, choosing only organically grown foods is at the top of the list of healthy dietary choices. While it’s a lot more expensive, the money spent is well worth it. Pesticides interfere with vitamin assimilation and cause damage with long term use. It’s a lot more costly to be sick than to spend a bit more on organically grown foods.

Limiting protein intake is also important. The best of the dietary choices is the Chinese approach. Choose food portions according to the size of your hand is a healthy dietary choices routine advocated by acupuncturists. Protein size for each meal should be no more than the width and length of the palm of your hand. Carbohydrates should measure no more than one palm full. Vegetable consumption should be the span of three palm fulls.  Let your hand be the measure of healthy eating when you make healthy dietary choices. This ensures a proper PH ration. Carbohydrates and proteins are all acidic in nature. Vegetables are all alkaline in nature. So a meal that is heavily loaded with alkaline foods will go a long way to prevention of infections.

In making healthy dietary choices it’s important to eliminate all simple sugars. That means no cake, pies, doughnuts, cookies, ice cream and anything else that contains sugar. Simple sugars destroy the friendly bacteria in the gut, reduce neurotransmitters to the brain, and raise triglyceride levels to dangerous levels. Sugar is public enemy number one when it comes to healthy dietary choices.

It goes without saying that alcohol needs to go the way of sugar. All alcohol, with the exception of red wine, has the exact same effect as sugar does on the body.

A good digestive aid is also important in making healthy dietary choices. After the age of thirty, we all begin to gradually lose the ability to digest our foods properly.

Good health is vital to our well being. Making healthy dietary choices will go a long way to improving quality of life.

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