Feeding Your Soul: Finding Your Success


Feeding Your Soul: I believe that personal growth emanates from the inside out. Feeding your soul positive information is critical.

This can be a dual process since our inner life is profoundly influenced by input from out outer life. Every thought, everything that we read, every television program, and everything that we put into our minds influences the inner us. So the question remains: What can we do to ensure the purity of content that enters into our minds? How can you go about feeding your soul?

            I want you to stop and think about the influence the media has on our everyday lives. Think about the violence portrayed on television, in videos, and in the movies. This has to have a negative personal and collective impact on individuals and on society. We are inundated with constant news and information. I don’t believe that we are physiologically built to handle that heavy barrage of energy coming at us from all directions. A hundred years ago news was not disseminated to the general public for weeks and sometimes months at a time. Now we can watch it as it happens. In today’s world, we not only have to deal with our own challenges on a daily basis. We also hear and read about events around the world that have nothing to do with us. Why go about feeding your soul trash?

            While in the process of looking up information for my new book, Stepping Stones to Your Success,  I was assaulted with information about the Trayvon Martin case. I had to deal with my opinions and concerns for both families while I was doing research. It was almost more than I could handle. We’re not only managing personal and family issues. We’re also plunged into the worlds of people whose dramatic situations permeate our lives as well as theirs. The world is our neighbourhood now. The question is, how do we protect ourselves from the stresses and strains of that type of world involvement?

            What sources do you use to nourish your mind? Do you renew your mind daily with positive affirmations? Do you read your Bible? Do you listen to inspirational messages? All of these endeavours nourish the soul in a positive manner. How do you feed your soul?

            What do you think about while you are doing things that do not require your complete attention? What ideations do you have while you are driving? Which thoughts cross your mind while you are doing the laundry or cooking dinner? If you feed your find with positive messages, chances are your idle meanderings will have a positive tone. If you fill your thoughts with negative influences, your inner idle thoughts will take on negative vibes.

            When it comes to life purpose and direction, feeding the soul  with healthy information and intentions will surely manifest in healthy outcomes. What we think about tends to come about in our lives.

             I have a friend who set the intention of finding a mate at the age of sixty eight. She put a list under her bed of the qualities she wanted in a husband. Tim and Mary met on a plane! The attraction was immediate and intense.  Mary  set about putting her focus on what she wanted and she attracted Tim into her life. Alice fed her soul with her intention. How do you go about feeding your soul?

            Let’s take a look at something called serendipity. When I was in my twenties, I lost my job at a local music library. I set about looking for a job the day after that job was terminated. Clayton, Missouri, like many other communities, is dotted with myriads of little shops and small businesses. I set about walking into the one and only store that had a job waiting for me. I spotted Wilma Kopecky, a teacher at the Saint Louis Institute of Music, in Viola Graves’ bookstore. Wilma was busy typing up invoices. I proceeded to ask her if I could look at their copy of the Yellow Pages. I proceeded to mention the need to find employments agencies since I was looking for a job. Wilma then informed me about the need for five new teachers at the school. Because I chose that shop out of about fifty others, I walked into the next eighteen years of my life. This was pure serendipity. For years I fed my soul with my intentions about music.

            I happen to believe the way we nurture our inner selves may indeed influence this type of luck. The proof isn’t there. But it is an interesting thought.

            Take notice of what you like to do in your spare time. Observe which television programs you like to watch, which books you like to read, and which movies you like to see. Interests that are reflected in this manner may give you an indication of which way to take your life.

            When I was a child, I used to abandon my family in department stores and find the local record department. They always knew where I was and would do their shopping and come looking for me. I never told them when I would disappear. Doing my own thing always involved music.

            Finally, take note of the types of people you tend to admire. Do you seek the attention of authors? Do you go to publisher association meetings? Do you attend marketing events?  Do you enjoy the company of professionals? Do you like to be around people who have a love of learning? You may be attracted to writing. An occupation that involves alphabet soup behind your name may be your thing. Or you might enjoy endeavours that include an academic degree. How do you go about feeding your soul with the friends you make/

            Pay attention to what you put into your mind. Be mindful of your inner ideations. And notice the type of company you enjoy. These can all be indicators of the areas in which you can achieve your greatest success.

            Be successful and enjoy life! Go about feeding your soul in a way that produces positive results.

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