Looking Into Someone's Soul: Give the Gift of Encouragement.

Give the Gift of Encouragement.

Do you know someone whose behavior is strange and suspect? I would encourage you, dear readers, to look beyond that behavior and into that person’s soul. Encourage someone today. Sometimes encouragement is all someone needs to bridge the gap between despair and hope.

I recently had the privilege of taking a speaker’s training class at local hospital. The class lasted four days. There were eight participants, all preparing to share our stories of triumph over mental health issues. Each one of us had a chance to do a ten minute presentation. The second day we were informed that we would be voting on which two of us would be speaking at the graduation ceremony on Thursday. One of the participants, a peer specialist at the facility, came around and suggested that we vote for the two participants who are clients at the hospital. The rest of us have identities outside the hospital setting. He felt that those two would benefit from a boost in self-esteem.

As it happened, one of them was selected to give a graduation speech. When she gave her speech on the first day, it was about two minutes long. We all said  we want to hear more. The second day, her speech was longer and more powerful. We asked for more clarification on what she wanted to accomplish in life. When the speech was delivered on graduation day, it was polished to the point of perfection. I don’t think I’ve ever heard anything so heartfelt and powerful. All of us jumped up in a standing ovation. Throughout the four day class, she exhibited the flat affect so typical of depression sufferers. When we gave that standing ovation, that expression morphed into one of pure happiness. The peer specialist was right on when he made that suggestion. I still get tears in my eyes when I think of this.


So often, people need words of encouragement. That crabby clerk in the grocery store may have just had a bad day. Encouragement can change that person’s day.

Older people in nursing homes often need that word of encouragement. Sometimes just listening to them or holding a hand can make a huge difference.

We are all assaulted by the stresses of everyday living. I want you, dear readers to reach out and encourage someone today.

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