Happiness Begins With a Thought: Think Your Way to Happiness

Think Your Way to Happiness

Have you ever been a bit bummed out about life’s challenges? It is possible to think your way to happiness.

Recently, I’ve been worried about my music studio and finances. Someone reminded me that all success starts with a thought. So I took some time to think about the thousands of music students who are just waiting for the opportunity to take lessons. Gradually, thoughts about how I could achieve this began to come to mind.

I would challenge you to do the following in an effort to think your way to happiness:

1. Take some time to ruminate on the abundance in the universe. Look at the numbers of leaves on trees. Then meditate on those numbers representing the numerous ways we can approach challenges. One tree alone contains thousands of leaves. So, there may be thousands of ways we can address life situations. Think your way to happiness.

2. Take time daily to sit in silence. Ask for the wisdom of the ages. Realize that every human being has faced challenges in the course of a lifetime. Learn to draw on the collective consciousness. Think your way to happiness.

3. Take time daily to think about someone you love. Let that love energy sink in and permeate every cell of your being. I like to take daily time to just sit with my cats. Sometimes I hold them and look into their loving eyes. What a joy that is.

4. Get together with others and have a love think in. There is power in groups. Jesus said, “when two or more gather together……” Let the power of that group love catapult you into thinking your way into happiness.

5. Learn to appreciate every small detail in your life. Be grateful for the food you eat, the pets you have, and the ability to get up in the morning and greet the day. Think your way to happiness.

6. The more we sit in this type of consciousness, the more power there is in the relaxation it brings. Solutions to problems will come to mind, innovative ways to deal with goals and ambitions will surface, and greater support will come your way.

7. Dream both big and small. Learn to think both inside and outside the box. When getting into this philosophy, some take too big of a leap and think too far outside the box. So maintain a sense of balance between the two.

Think you way to happiness.

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