Five Ways to Beat Depression and Have Victory


Depression is one of the most debilitating diseases of the century. But it can be treated. Here are five ways to beat depression. Try to incorporate them into your daily life.

1. Refuse to feel sorry for yourself. This is a lose-lose situation. Everyone has had trials and tribulations. Soaking in self-pity keeps you in a trap. We all feel sorry for ourselves from time to time. Just make sure it’s a short shower, not a long bath. Staying in that mode negates any problem solving capabilities. Placing yourself in a problem solving mode is a sure way to beat depression.

2. Live in the present, not in the past. Holding on to grudges and sad memories perpetuates the trap of negativity. We co-create our lives. Negativity produces negativity while forgiveness brings health and vitality. Beat depression by building on the excitement and the pleasure of the moment.

3. Compare yourself only to yourself. I think this is particularly true when anxiety disorder is present. It’s so tempting to have low self-esteem when one has trouble going down escalators, up elevators, or stepping outside the house. These are all things most people can do with ease. Those of us with anxiety disorders can have challenges in these areas. Don’t compare yourself to others. Have you had victory in these areas? I have. There was a time when I could not go down escalators, drive on a highway, or perform tasks that require concentration. They all produced heavy anxiety. I remind myself to compare myself to myself and not to others who have not had these challenges. Beat depression by setting reasonable goals, patting yourself on the back when you achieve them, and releasing others to travel their own journeys.

4. Delegate unpleasant tasks to others. When this is not possible, be sure to include a heavy balance of pleasant tasks in your daily routine. I love to listen to beautiful music, especially Amy Camie’s CD’s. This puts me in a calm, relaxed mode. Beat depression by doing things that bring you pleasure.

5. Build on your strengths, not your weaknesses. In line with number four, learn to rely on those whose strengths are your weaknesses and delegate tasks to them.   A strength building approach to your life will always build happiness and help beat depression. So often we are taught to improve our weaknesses. The opposite is true. Capitalize on your strong points instead. Then rely on others to help you with your weaknesses. This is one sure fire way to beat depression.

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