Beating Depression: Living In Victory


Beating Depression; LivingĀ  in Victory

I’ve done a lot of thinking about living in victory. I’m at the age when long term nursing home insurance becomes a necessity. This week, I had a face to face interview with a home health nurse that included being able to recite ten words back to her after a ten minute break. She gave the words to me and had me put each one into a sentence. We then talked for about ten minutes. I had to try to repeat all the words back to her. I got seven out of ten, much to my relief. The rest of the interview served to be a model of living in victory. I’m going to detail some of the questions she asked me.


1. Do you live alone?

2. Who will take care of you when you need care?

3. Do you do volunteer work?

4. Are you still employed?

5. What types of activities do you enjoy doing?

6. Do you have a social life?

7. Talk about your friends.

8. Do you take vitamins and other supplements?

9. Do you have a healthy diet?

10. Do you smoke or drink?

When asked if I live alone, I said “yes,” but I have a lot of piano, keyboard, and guitar students coming to my home.” Having people to connect to is a vital part of living in victory.

As you can see, a few other questions dealt with health issues. Taking care of one’s health helps us all to enjoy living in victory. Since no man is an island, having a variety of social connections is also important. Volunteer work, church attendance, and other consistent ways of connecting with friends becomes important in the process of living in victory.

In the course of the interview I talked about my involvement with Respect Institute, which meets on the last Monday of each month. We get together and talk about who will volunteer to give talks about our experiences in the arena of mental health. This is a connection that I value greatly. It adds to my life purpose and to my plan for living in victory.

Religious belief was not a part of the questionnaire. However, when the interview was over, we both talked about our individual faith commitments. My spirituality is a part of my living in victory. No one needs to be defeated by life’s challenges. No one needs to cave into depression, anxiety, and psychosis. And no one needs to be beaten down. We can all plan for living in victory.





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