The Power of Positve Thought

The-power-of-Positive Thought

Repetition brings mastery.  At least that’s what I tell my music students. The same thing is true about the power of positive thought. Again, it pays to be mindful of what goes into the mind. When an ideation is reinforced, it becomes a part of our belief system. How many times have most of us heard “You could never do that?” How many times have we heard “That’s impossible?” How many times have some of us heard “You’re incompetent?” These are negative scripts. To build success it’s important to rescript in as many ways as possible. My favorite is to read the Bible. To be sure there are lots of other ways to renew the mind. All great religious traditions promote scriptures that bring about mental rejuvenation. Every world spiritual system brings a banquet of higher thoughts to the table. Buddha taught compassion. Jesus taught love and peace. And Krishna taught oneness.  You will find great renewal in ingraining high minded thoughts. You might rescript by connecting with positive people who can serve as sounding boards. You might rescript by reflecting on our innate divine nature. Or you might rescript by hanging affirmations around your house. Whatever your choice is, renewing the mind with powerful words can bring great change into your life.  I always include a word of caution with this. Always check out new thoughts with a good sound reality check. They need to be in sync with solid moral values. That’s why I like mind rejuvenation sparked by words of scriptures, pastors, and motivational speakers. There is a groundswell of accountability, knowledge, and social conscience connected with all three.

Positive Thought Before Action: Every accomplishment, great and small, is preceded by positive thought. Thomas Edison had the vision for the light bulb and all his other inventions before he set out to accomplish his goals. Bill Gates had the vision of building a business around computers before he could lay out plans to build his business. Buzz Aldrin was a part of the collective vision of setting foot on the moon several years before he realized his dream. All three had positive thought mechanisms.

So how do you use positive thought to guide you in your life/

So what are your dreams and how can you tap into the thoughts that establish your goals? Perhaps getting quiet and monitoring your thoughts while you perform everyday mundane tasks can give you a clue regarding what you would like to accomplish. What do you think about while driving? What do you daydream about? What do you think about while you are folding the laundry? Be sure to monitor your positive thought process.

Many years ago my friend Rusti used to dream about living in a luxury home and creating beautiful designs. She was going through some tough times in her life. Her daydreams brought comfort to her. Today, she lives in a beautiful home in upscale University City, Missouri. She does artwork and creative drafting from her home. Rusti is manifesting the dream she had over thirty years ago. Rusti loved to read magazines about lovely homes and their décor. She saw herself living in those circumstances. It took time for her dream to become reality. She persisted and has been able to live her vision. She used positive thought to her advantage.

Linda, one of my book coaches, had a vision for writing. She, like a lot of others, met with some resistance at first. She is currently the author of five books and serves and a book coach for other aspiring authors. Linda did not let the naysayers in her life deter her from manifesting her dream. She too used positive thought.

Watch your thoughts and learn from what they tell you. Do you daydream about beautiful things? Perhaps design would be a good field for you. Do you think about vacation spots? Perhaps the travel industry would appeal to you. Would you like to be able to help others? Volunteer work may be in the cards for you.

Keep in mind that these goals do not necessarily have to be monetary. They can be in line with working in your community in a nonpaying position. Doctor Patch Adams had a dream about establishing an alternative medical facility. He goes around the world talking about establishing healthy communities, relationships, and nations. His organization, the Gesundheit Institute, has a whole bevy of people who give their services for nothing. Perhaps your dream involves something from the heart. Maybe you could enhance your life and the lives of others by writing, as I have chosen to do. Perhaps you could join Oasis as a volunteer tutor. Or maybe you could develop presentations that could be given to civic groups on community concerns.

Watch your thoughts and see where they take you. This can be a marvelous journey full of excitement and fulfillment!

The Power of repeated actions, called determination, is an essential element of success. Like Abraham Lincoln, success comes only from persistent action designed to reach a goal. This in mind, the first goal is to create a calm mind that can receive success thoughts.

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