The pursuit of Happiness:


I love listening to NPR radio. While driving to the bank, I listened to a program on the pursuit of happiness in your professional life. In today’s world of shootings, economic insecurity, and overall lack of compassion, it’s refreshing to read, think, and listen to programs on happiness.

Featured on the program was a man who is an electrician, who derives happiness from his paycheck, but not his job. There was also a woman, his wife, who loves her business as a baker. He derives happiness from providing the economic basis for his family and the resources for her business. He enjoys watching her experience joy in her work.

Happiness for me comes in the form of teaching music, doing therapeutic music in nursing homes, and doing speaking engagements.

So many do not enjoy their work. I believe that the pursuit of happiness is endemic to becoming successful in life. It can affect fulfillment in relationships, in business, and in the quality of home life. So what do you want in life that will guarantee happiness? Do you have fulfillment in your line of work? Do you want success in relationships? Do you want your children to experience happiness?

These are all questions worth pursuing.

Joy can go a long way to address issues of depression.

Pleasure  can be accompanied by fulfillment and purpose

Happiness can mark the difference between despair and enjoyment.

What brings you joy?

What brings you fulfillment?

What makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning?

What brings you happiness?

From Barbara Altman, author, presenter, and motivational speaker. For speaking engagements, feel free to contact me at or at 314-962-5324.

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