Building Your Joy List: Maintaining Happiness

Joy List:

Life has enough complications. Building a joy list is one sure way to overcome them. One of the best depression remedies is building your joy list. We all face times of trials and tribulations. Anyone who thinks that we can get through life without any hurdles is living a life of delusion. The question is, how do we surmount difficulties and overcome the depression that can come from relentless stress. Building your joy list is one of my favorite coping mechanisms.

What is on your joy list? Perhaps you love to listen to calming music. Maybe you like to play the piano. Perhaps you love to dance. Maybe gardening is your thing. I would suggest taking time and making a list of at least twenty five items on your joy list. My list includes:

1. Bubble baths: Bubble baths are a fun way to experience joy

2. Calming music: I feel centered when I play my piano and guitar.

3. Daily walks. Walking is  relaxing and energizing.

4. Petting my cats: Oreo and Blossom are both a joy to me.

5. Looking at beautiful flowers, Flowers bring a sense of beauty,

6. Watching “The Big Bang Theory.” Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Penny all bring laughter  into my life.

7. Talking to friends: Jean, Judy, and Alice are constants in my life.

8. Doing presentations. What a joy it is to encourage people in my presentations.

9. Chocolate. Yum, yum, chocolate is a joy to eat.

10. Traveling on an airplane: I love to get on a plane at least once a year.

11. Going to seminars: Learning is a great joy to me.

12. Teaching children: It’s so much fun to see children make progress in their learning.

13. Teaching adults: Adults love to enjoy their music.

14. More chocolate: Yum, yum again.

15. Praying: Praying brings comfort and a sense of well being

16. Meditating: Meditation brings calm and centeredness.

17. Reading: Reading comedic books and stories brings both laughter and joy.

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18. More chocolate. I already said it.

19. Speaking at Respect Institute. What joy it brings to be able to encourage people with mental health issues.

20. Forgiving those who have hurt me. Forgiveness brings release.

21. Laughing: Laughter yoga is so refreshing and healthy.

22. Qigong: Qigong builds chi and energy.

23. Feldenkrais exercises: Fedenkrais exercises are calming.

24. Getting a massage. Oh, what fun that is!

25. Getting acupuncture: Drs. Ginger and Shu have brought me improved health through acupuncture.

So what is on your joy list. I challenge you to make that list of twenty five. You will feel much happier.

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