Stress to Success



We all experience stress. It’s everywhere. All one has to do is open up the computer to invite stress into your life. Technology is wonderful but it can be a source of frustration. The secret to maintaining happiness is to learn how to handle disappointments, stress, and challenges. So how does one accomplish stress to success? Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

1. Put everything into perspective. I just received notice that a workshop I was counting on has just fallen through. I won’t be able to contact them again until September. Putting this into perspective means that I just have more time to prepare it.

2. Spend time meditating daily. Those few moments with God in prayer can help us relax and get back on the road to success. It can help move us from stress to success.

3. Make all challenges learning experiences. In 1986 I was fired from a music therapy internship. Instead of thinking of this experience as a failure, I decided to use it to reinvent myself and to learn better ways to relate to people. I moved from stress to success.

4. Learn to network. When we make friends, we find ways to both give and receive support. Networking is a great way to move from stress to success.

5. Learn to be grateful. Oprah Winfrey talks about a gratitude list. She’s had a success filled life. If it works for her, we all can build success into our lives.

6. Incorporate fun into your life. Laughter is the best medicine, as the saying goes. In the seventies, Norman Cousins cured himself of a fatal disease by holing up in a motel room for two weeks and watching funny videos. He used humor to move from stress to success.

7. Connect with others in a religious setting. Having a spiritual alliance provides comfort, relaxation, and stress release.

8. Get involved with a community outlet. I love to give talks for Respect Institute. This is my community outreach. It’s my way of moving from stress to success.

9. Learn a musical instrument. Playing the guitar, the piano, or any other instrument can bring a lot of fun and relaxation into your life.

10.Strive to stay in a meditative state. When challenges happen, have those stress relieving tools handy so you can move from stress to success.

From Barbara Altman, author, presenter, and motivational speaker. For speaking engagements, feel free to contact me at or at 314-962-5324.

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