Finding Hope, Encouragement, and Success


Where do we find hope, encouragement, and success? We all have stress in our lives. There are times when it seems insurmountable. Perhaps health issues come up. Maybe the computer doesn’t work and your livelihood depends on it. Both have touched my life recently. And I’m sure both have touched the lives of many of my readers.

So the question is: How can hope, encouragement, and success enable us to enjoy life every day? And where can we find these magic ingredients? What if we looked at ten magic  bullets to building hope, encouragement, and success into our lives.

1. Daily spiritual reading: All world religions have nuggets of truth expressed in the sacred writings of Scripture. Jews find hope, encouragement, and success in the Old Testament. Christians feed their souls with the Old and the New Testaments. Thousands of books have been written that exp0und on the richness of God inspired writings. Hope, encouragement, and success bathe the souls in the writings of all faiths. Our challenge is to receive the inner workings of the word through meditation on spiritual works.

2. Learn to be eclectic in your approach to solving problems. . Think of a large banquet with lots of options. Pick and choose which one you want to use as you go about finding solutions.

3. Build your joy list. What do you like to do? Is music one of your talents? You might consider taking lessons, turning on the radio to your favorite music station, or sitting down with your favorite instrument. Do you have an artistic bent? Perhaps a painting class will help. Do you enjoy dancing? You might consider contra dance lessons or line dancing.

4. Find one confidant who can help you steer your way towards hope, encouragement, and success.

5. Learn to build on your strengths. Dr. Martin Seligman has a wonderful strength building model outlined on WWW.positive I would be completely lost if I built a profession on numbers, which bore me to tears. But music, the arts, and writing suit me quite well. Happiness comes from pursuing your passion.

6. Take care of your body. Post menopausal women may have some challenges with hormones and the depression that can come with hormone depletion. I would recommend Dr. Theresa Dale’s program for hormone replacement.

7. See humor in everyday life. In the seventies, Norman Cousins wrote a wonderful book on his experience using funny videos to cure an auto immune disease. He holed himself up in a hotel with a two week supply of videos and had a total remission of symptoms during that time. Laughter brings hope, encouragement, and success.

8. Visualize hope, encouragement, and success. See all three coming your way and you will see results.

9. Think in terms of pursuing your dreams. Name what you want and you will experience great rewards. 10.Pursue a life of virtue. Make sure that your hope, encouragement, and success come in a honor packed package.

10.Keep thinking, hope, encouragement, and success.

From Barbara Altman, author, presenter, and motivational speaker. For speaking engagements, feel free to contact me at or at 314-962-5324.

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