Building Success By Living a Life of Purpose


The first and third Fridays of each month are two of my favorite purpose filled days. That is when Wise Women Connect meets at Favrotto’s in Chesterfield, Mo.. We are small in number but mighty in purpose. Four members are invited to speak at each meeting. I’ve always been impressed by the strength of purpose in our speakers and our members. All of us experience life sorrows, traumas, and challenges. The secret is to surmount them by living a purpose driven life. As I listened to today’s speakers, I reflected on the huge amount of energy, drive, and passion in that group. Seventeen women are meeting twice each month to support each other in business, life, and in manifesting our hopes and dreams. There is power in a group. There is support in a group. And there is love in a group that is committed to the well being of the whole.

So what is purpose? I think of it in the light of what makes us get up in the morning. Purpose gives a reason for keeping on and for living life to the fullest. It’s the force that drives us forward, pushes us to our highest intent, and gives our lives a meaning that transcends paying the bills and living from day to day.

We all have a choice. We can live life with a sense of direction or we can drift from minute to minute, hour to hour, and day to day. We can exist in a mileu of direction or we can have no direct purpose or passion.  And we can plan to succeed or plan to fail. We are all at choice regarding how we choose to build our lives, our businesses, and our relationships.

Dear readers, I have written about my challenges, so there is no need to expound on them at this time. Instead, each time I do a blog post or a newsletter I will include information about self help books as well as links on staying healthy.

Depression is now affecting a staggering percentage of the American population. And the realities of life threatening diseases is hitting the media on a daily basis. I’ve  suffered from depression as well as chronic health situations including severe hormonal imbalance. I am including information on a highly recommended book on depression as well as a link that may help both men and women achieve hormonal balance.

My weekly book recommendation on depression: The Mindful Way Through Depression:

Help for restoring hormonal balance:  Dr.theresa Dale:
Dear readers: remember to live a purpose driven life.

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