Love Makes the World Go Round

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Love makes the world go round. I have the privilege of teaching a Sunday school class at the Center for Spiritual Living on the first Sunday of each month. This morning, I placed three hearts on the board. One was for listing the people each child loves. The second was for three things each child loves to do. The third was for each thing they love about their lives.

I’m listing my three contributions in each category.

Love Makes the World Go Round Heart Number One: Three groups of people I love

1.My new friends. New friends in various marketing groups have been valuable sources.

2.My nephews John,  David, Mark, and Jeffery Altman. I fell in love with John the moment I saw him when he was six months old. David came into my life a year later and has been a delight ever since. I bonded with Mark when I saw my grandmother pick him up and soothed him into quiet and solace. Jeffery has been a blessing since day one.

3 All my music students. Not many people get  to hear beautiful music on a daily basis. It’s a blessing to encourage them. and to inspire the love of music in them.

Love Makes the World Go Round Heart Number Two:

1. I love teaching Sunday school. We only had two children today. They were a blessing to teach.

2. I love speaking and encouraging people. We live in a dichotomous world. All of us have challenges and blessings. Love creates a balance between the two.

3. I love to dance. Waltzes, contra dances, and Polkas give us much needed physical outlets.

Love Makes the World Go Round Number  Go Round Heart Number Three

1. I love getting healthy. And I love those who are helping me get healthy

2. I love teaching piano, keyboard, and guitar. Music and love make the world go round.

3. I love Toastmaster’s. Having the opportunity to speak is such a powerful wonder.

How does love make the world go Round for you.

Fill in the blanks:

Love Makes the world go Round Heart Number One:

Name three people that you love.

Love makes the world go Round Heart Number two:

Name three things you like to do.

Love makes the world go Round Heart Number three;
Name three things you love about your life.



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