The Gifts of Kindness and Respect

kindness and Respect

The elephants’ trip to pay kindness and respect.

Lawrence Anthony was a South African legend, author, and lover of elephants.
He rescued elephants all over the world from atrocities, cruelty, and abuse.

On March 7, 2012 Lawrence Anthony died. He was missed by his wife, his children, his grandchildren, and his elephants.

Shortly after his death, a parade of elephants showed up at his South African home to honor his memory. They walked slowly, for days, walking one by one from their habitat to his house. His wife was especially touched since they had not been to his house for over three years1 But they knew where they were going. How did they know their beloved friend had died? How did they remember the route to his house? And what inspired them to come and show kindness and respect?

We can all learn from these endearing beasts. What is the lesson here? How can we share kindness and respect?

Perhaps each person reading this can resolve to show kindness and respect by paying someone’s toll on a bridge. Perhaps we can each extend a smile or a word of encouragement to someone who is feeling down and out. Perhaps we can show kindness and respect by calling someone who is experiencing trials and hardships. Think about it. How can you extend kindness and respect?

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