Building Successful Children


Do you want to raise successful children?

I have had the privilege of teaching hundreds of children the art of playing the piano and guitar during a long teaching career.

Those who achieve the most have parents who discipline, who encourage regular practice, and who insist on wholehearted concentration during lessons.

Six year old Sabrine informed me about a tea party she going to have after her lesson. The was the contingency dad used to develop concentration and cooperation during her lesson. Her attention was short and incomplete.

At the end of the lesson, I asked dad if she was going to have the tea party. Dad said, “We’ll see. I do know that she will get a lecture on how to focus at the nest lesson.

Sabrine is fortunate to have such devoted parents who are determined to raise a successful child.

Successful children learn the value of hard work, focus, and delayed gratification.

Hard work produces results. Focus brings about success in completing a task. Delayed gratification is one of the hallmarks qualities of successful children.

Do you want to raise successful children. Try pushing them to the next level of achievement. Don’t be happy with “good enough.” Raise the bar consistently. Challenge them when they balk at completing tasks, doing their homework, or practicing the piano, guitar, or band instrument. Once competence is achieved, push them to a higher degree of completion. Don’t let them rest on their laurels.

Successful athletes push upward and onward until goals are reached.

Successful gymnasts strive for more and more perfection.

Successful students hit the books consistently.

Successful children become successful adults.

Don’t let  your children rest in mediocrity. Help them develop the traits they need to become successful adults.


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