The Gift of Love

Love: A new Beginning

The root of  new beginnings is love I love all people and all people love me.  How often do we sweep the rug of security out from under by clutching anger, resentment, and anguish? How often do we refuse to allow new beginnings to heal us? How often do we refuse to look beyond hurts and neglect to recognize positive influences? How often do we replay damaged emotions and refuse to see the dysfunction in those who have hurt us?

Renowned poet Maya Angelou had a challenging childhood. Her mother sent both of her children to live with her grandmother in Mississippi. She put them on a train, unsupervised, when Maya was five and her brother was three! Maya’s mother recognized her weakness with small children when she struck Maya for talking back to her. She took them back into her home when they were teenagers. She could relate to teens but not to small children.

For years, Maya lived with resentment. She ultimately decided to let  new beginnings rule her life when she recognized her mother’s ability to relate to teenagers. She allowed love to come in.

I love all people and all people love me.

Really? How can one love an alcoholic? How can one love someone who drives drunk with you in the car?

Trust me, anger can run deep in this situation.  Only the new beginnings of love can heal rage. Replace hurt feelings by thinking about all the positive influences that person has brought to family life. The new beginnings of love does not negate the need to confront negative behaviors. Indeed, love for self and others serves to mandate healing action. The secret is to let the new beginnings of love rule the need for confrontation. Shovel out all that anger first. Then proceed to confront in a loving way.

I love all people and all people love me. That’s my security blanket – the new beginnings of love.

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