Creating a Symphony of Love

Story: For the Love of Music

Learn how to create a symphony of love. There was a musician who loved to compose beautiful music. Each day he would sit down at his piano and work until his music reflected the beauty he heard in his mind. Each year he entered his compositions in a local composer’s talent contest.

One year a journalist interviewed him and learned how he went about setting his musical ideas down on paper. The composer shared his connections with the other musicians who also entered the competition.

“Why do you share your best musical ideas with others when all of you are competing in the same event?”

“Sir, we all learn from each other.” Our minds work together to produce beautiful harmonies and melodies. Yes, we do have a code that protects us from plagiarism. But when we work together, we help one another maximize our talents.”

Moral of the Story:

The composer was aware of the connectedness of life. Each musician contributed something to the good of the whole.

“When one is hurt, all are hurt. When one is healed, all are healed.” It’s all about choice.

How does this translate to everyday life?

Do we want to create a symphony of love in nature? Cross pollination brings about crop growth, beauty, and harmony. Organically grown crops have been pollinated by genetically modified organisms. The question remains, why do we interfere with the perfection of nature? Why don’t we investigate procedures that assist rather than damage God’s creation? I have an ominous feeling that the universe is going to rebel.
Do we want to create a symphony of love in our families?

When I was fifteen, I was invited to spend the night at a wealthy friend’s home.. Her father was a physician and instructor at Washington University’s medical school. I compared my warm hearted mother with the queen of ice, her mother. When her husband asked her what she had done all day, she said “I wrote some poetry.” Then she turned to me and said “I have a degree in English literature, with an emphasis on the last syllable.  Yes, my home was dysfunctional, to say the least. But my mother knew the gift of simplicity. I was so happy to get back to my humble home on 529 Lizette Avenue in Webster Groves, Missouri, right next to the railroad tracks. God bless Laura Altman who didn’t even know what poetry is. But she knew how to put a meal on the table and how to work hard as a grocery clerk. Sometimes simplicity rules over wealth.

She created a symphony of love in her home.

Do we want to create a symphony of love toward self?

Love yourself by taking care of your body. Love yourself by finding and living in your strengths. And love yourself by bathing in positive thoughts.



Action Plan:

Look around you. See if you can discover life’s connections.

Compose a symphony of love in your families by having routine family dinners.

Create a symphony of love by being good to yourself.

Compose a symphony of love by renewing your mind with prayer and affirmations.

Create a symphony of love by getting involved in your community.

Practical Application to Your Life:

A young Chinese woman left her home in one of China’s beautiful mountain ranges to study at Beijing University. She grew up in modest, simple circumstances. All food was grown locally and without pesticides. Her childhood was one of simplicity. While studying at the University a wealthy Chinese businessman fell in love with her. He offered to give her everything in terms of money. In the meantime, her mother became ill with leukemia and needed money to go to a hospital in Beijing for the cure. Money was not there. The business man offered to pay her way. The young woman would have nothing to do with that idea. She appropriated funds from friends. She would not be bribed into marrying him. She ended up becoming a secretary and moved back to her home town where she fell in love with a local young man who valued her character. She chose the simple life, free of the trappings of great wealth. Moving back to her birthplace enabled her to stay connected with value and simplicity.

Simplicity does not negate the value of wealth. He who achieves great financial success while maintaining values, humility, and the ability to enjoy simple pleasures, has achieved great success.

How do you choose simplicity while striving for success? How do you opt for oneness with your family, community, and your world? Wealth without humility remains vapid. Success without heart felt connections remains empty. Remember to strive for success while staying in contact with basic connections and values.

Weekly Take Away:

Learn to be at one with nature. Take leisurely walks outside a few times a week. Stop to smell the flowers.

Maintain unity with your values and place character traits over and above wealth. Seek ye first, the kingdom of God, and all else will be added unto you.

Know that relationships count. Stay connected with feelings of love, joy, and gratitude.

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