Recapturing Your Childhood

Recapturing Your Childhood

How you ever wished you could go back to your childhood? Children are free to explore and have fun. They don’t have bills to pay, food to cook, or groceries to buy. Adult lives are crammed with schedules, deadlines, and work obligations. Children can whittle away time as though it were an endless commodity. Childhood can be such a blessed time.

Learn to love those childhood cherished childhood memories. Keep a record of them, Cherish them and pass them on to your own children. Cast those childhood memories in stone. Spend time loving them. February is the love month. Bring a smile to yourself and your family by telling those long ago stories.

Read on to enjoy one of my childhood memories.

I was seven years old and in the second grade at a local Catholic school. The whole class was drilled in the art of going to confession. First confession always preceded first holy communion. We had to be sure that our souls were lily white before we could take the host. The long awaited day had finally arrived. All thirty of us rushed up the steps of Our Holy Redeemer Church in Webster Groves, Missouri, in anticipation of revealing our deepest secrets to Father Ernst.

My heart burst with excitement. Preparation for the event had gone on for several months. Would I get it right? Would I say all the right words? Would Father Ernst  be happy with me? I thought about all of this as I sat in the pew examining my conscience.

I had a long list. There was one problem. My list was boring. What was I to do? My turn was coming up soon.

A plan unfolded as I walked into the confessional. There was one word uttered in my family that had caused a pretty good stir.

“Bless me Father for I have sinned. I disobeyed my mother three times. I got mad at my father three times I lied to my grandmother times. I stole $.25 from my father’s wallet three times. And I committed adultery three times.”

I didn’t think Father Ernst would ever stop laughing!

Love and cherish those childhood memories,.


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