Getting on the Gravy Train

The Gravy Train:

All aboard, all aboard, all aboard! Get on the gray train! Enjoy life and experience the thrill of success. Let’s take a look at three small ways to get Amtrak and enjoy the scenery. Don’t you want to have everything that life has to offer? Don’t you want to ride the rails to success? Don’t you want to get on the gravy train? Let take a look at three big steps toward success as well as three small ways to attain prosperity.

Board the gravy train by:

  1. Learning the value of delayed gratification. Walter Mischel conducted the famous marshmallow study during the seventies. He and his associates performed an experiment on a group of preschoolers involving marshmallows. Thee children were offered the opportunity to receive one marshmallow if they chose to receive it immediately.  They were given the option to wait fifteen minutes if they wanted two marshmallows. Follow up studies were done as they went through their educational and career choices. Those who chose to wait experienced more success in every area of their lives. They were more successful academically and financially. Get on the gravy train by learning to wait.
  2. Get on the gravy train by learning the value of self discipline. Bill Gates and his business partner spent three to four hours after school working on computers. Get on the gravy train by working diligently.
  3. Learn the value of networking. No man is an island. Great things are achieved by joining forces with others.

Board the gravy train by:

  1. Doing one small thing each day to improve the quality of your life. Perhaps you may resolve to make the bed before going to work. You may choose to smile at your partner or to compliment your children.
  2. Performing micro moments. Great accomplishments happen one small step at a time. You may smile at the grocery clerk. Brighten someone’s day by paying for their cup of coffee at Starbuck’s. Send someone an encouraging facebook message. Decide to add $10.00 to your church envelope.
  3. Clean your house. That gravy train can come to a halt if you leave for work without restoring order in your home.

Get on the gravy train!


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