Building A Successful Life

successful life

Nehemiah rebuilt Jerusalem with burnt stones. BuildĀ a successful life by rebuilding your burnt stones.

All of us have been hurt. Everyone has experienced rejection, pain, or emotional distress. To build successful lives, we need to heal those burnt stones.

Picture this: A young woman, thirty years of age, goes to visit her dying father in Deaconess Hospital on October twenty seventh, 1975. She gets off the elevator and sees a lonely old man sitting by himself at the end of the hallway. She asks herself why his family is not there. Why would the doctors abandon him in that stark hallway? She relinquishes any thought of seeing her father until she has a chance to comfort the old man.

She approaches him with a heavy heart. He calls out, “Barbara, I’m so glad you came to see me!” The old man was my father. I had more compassion for the stranger than for my father.

Two burnt stones: We were both burned by the generational curse of alcoholism, by boatloads of anger and resentment, and by huge reserves of animosity.

Two burnt stones.

So how do we rebuild burnt stones and create successful lives? I have a list of four ways:

  1. Daily spiritual reading will pave the way to a successful life
  2. Daily prayer is an ingredient of a successful life
  3. Daily setting of intention points toward building a successful life..
  4. Daily meditation sets the foundation for happiness.

How do we bind those stones into successful communities? Again, I have a list of four.

  1. Extend a compassionate ear to the hurting.
  2. Pray for those who need prayer.
  3. Listen to the concerns of others.
  4. Help others find their strengths.



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