Ten Things Successful people Do

Successful People:

There are ten things that successful people do:

  1. Successful people learn the value of delayed gratification. Success does not come quickly. It’s often a long and arduous road. Bill Gates and his business partner used to spend four to five hours each day experimenting with computers. Success comes with a price and with a set of dividends.
  2. Successful people network. No man is an island. Putting heads together produces results. Seeking the wisdom, skills, and support of others is a major component of success. Success involves seeking out networking groups and friends who have succeeded in related fields of endeavor.
  3. Successful people know the value of hard work. Pablo Casals practiced the piano two hours each and the cello four hours each day  when he was ninety years old. He knew the value of hard work.
  4. They set both long  term and short term goals. They are able to project beyond today and into the future.
  5. They plan ahead. They are able to live in the present and to visualize tomorrow’s achievements.
  6. Achieving success requires diligence. Immediate results are not in the plan. It involves seeing past challenges, through frustrations, and around goals and aspirations.
  7. Perseverance is a major success quality. Thomas Edison found one thousand ways not to produce the light bulb. He persisted until he reached his goal.
  8. Pushing past frustration produces results. Learning how to circumvent challenges is a major success habit.
  9. Creativity remains a component of achievement. They think of more than one way to handle a problem. They see what they want. They pursue their goals. And they work hard to achieve their desires.
  10. They do not give up the ship. They stay on it, stay with it, and build another ship if they have to. This is what successful people do. They endure.

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