Claim and Name Your Dream

Name Your Dreams

Giving your dreams a name gives them power. What do you really want out of life? What’s on your bucket list? How do you intend to reach goals, to experience happiness, and to achieve fulfillment? Let’s take a look at ten dream catching ideas. Pick out those which strike a chord with you and proceed to develop a plan of action.

  1. Fit your dreams to your strengths. Check out Martin Seligman’s site on positive psychology and take his strength finders’ test. This will give you a foothold on the dreams that will give you the greatest satisfaction. Martin Seligman has done extensive research on positive psychology.
  2. Set long term goals. Pablo Casals continued practicing the cello and the piano well into his nineties. When asked why he still worked at his instruments, he said that he wanted to continue to learn. He never gave up on his lifelong passions, pursuits, and dreams. Neither should you.
  3. Set short term goals. Discouragement can set in if goals are mainly long term and difficult to achieve. Setting short term goals sets the stage for confidence and security.
  4. Set aside some time each day to dream. Stretch your imagination as far and as wide as you can go. Do not set any limits on what you can think about during this time. Train yourself to think outside the box. See that box stretching beyond your wildest expectations.
  5. Determine which action steps you want to take to realize your dreams. Plan them in detail and be specific about what you want, how you plan on getting it, and what you want to achieve. Vague plans don’t work, Spending time on the nitty-gritty will pay off in time.
  6. Are your dreams realistic? Far-fetched ideations can lay the groundwork for disappointment and failure. Be sure that they are reachable.
  7. Discipline yourself to do the work. Imagination plus intent plus action will produce the best results. Learn the value of delayed gratification. As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”
  8. Set your goals from the get-go. Visualize what you desire, see a fulfilling outcome, and take the steps needed to realize your dreams. Stay the course until you manifest what you want.
  9. Once you have reached a level of fulfillment, begin to set new dreams. Start to explore different territories, and get to work on the next step to your happiness.
  10. Finally, dream on, dream on, dream on

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