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Date: September 8, 2016                                                                                            NEWS RELEASE

When: For immediate Release

Contact Person:  Barbara Altman


Phone: 314-962-5324


Experience the Anguish of Mental Illness Through the Eyes

of a Lifelong Sufferer


Cry Depression, Celebrate Recovery is the story of one woman’s survival, struggle, and triumph over mental illness. On page ten of her new book, Barbara Altman describes her first psychotic hallucination at age six.


With treasured ice cream in my small hand, I stepped on to the sidewalk. And then “there in front of me on the concrete, I saw an enormous, terrifying ant nearly as tall as me with huge feelers reaching out to attack…”


Shattered in a completely different way, ten year old Barbara slammed into the painful reality of her father’s alcoholism.


Skipping from a warm and playful time in grandmother Tritz’s kitchen to my house next door, I opened the kitchen door to a scene from hell. “I saw my father clutching both sides of the door jamb. Howling and moaning an agonized guttural sound…totally out of control. I began screaming inside and out.” Such was the paralyzing sound of a chronic alcoholic.


For the next twenty chapters, Altman shares with her readers her long journey from illness to well being. Wanting desperately to feel normal, she explored both alternative and traditional treatments, some almost killing her and others improving her mental health.


Enter therapist Caroline Penberthy. Fifteen minutes into her first session in l989, Caroline said, “‘How much do you want to live?’ My answer was stunned silence. ‘I’ll understand that to mean you don’t want to survive.’ Was she right? After all, what did I have to live for?” Altman’s story is one of triumph, survival, and a passionate desire to help others achieve the same.


“I know the pain of mental illness, and I bless all those who devote their lives to assisting us.” Within the first few pages, you will begin to understand the stark realities of psychotic events, alcoholism, and abuse. By the end, you will know that help and recovery can come from both medical and alternative approaches.



Altman is available for additional information and interviews and may be contacted at

314-962-5324 or Review copies available upon request.







Contact: Barbara Altman


Phone: 314-962-5324


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