Six Tickets to Success




big_box_1_4Tickets to Success

Who doesn’t want to be successful? Follow each ticket to success and enjoy happiness, fulfillment, and joy.

Ticket to Success Number One: Think Big and think outside the box. Learn to be inventive in your approach to life’s challenges. Where would we be if the Wright brothers, Thomas Edison, and Alexander Graham Bell accepted the status quo? We would still be going overseas on ships, rrotary-pictureeading by candlelight, and sending up smoke signals instead of flying, using light bulbs, and talking on the phone.

Ticket to Success Number two: Think about what you love to do and take action to pursue a path that reflects your strengths. What are your passions? Do you love to cook? Consider becoming a cook. Do you love to paint? You might become a professional artist.  Do you enjoy writing? Take an online course on writing and publishing your book!

Number three: Learn the value of team work.  No man is an island.  Success is much more likely when you combine forces with others who are pursuing the same ideals and goals. Join a marketing group. Become a contributor to Rotary and Optimist clubs. Get involved in community efforts. Volunteer at your church. Roll up your sleeves and get involved.

Number Four: Exercise resolve and dedication in your efforts to become successful.When reverses hit, don’t give up the ship. Learn to stay the course and keep yourself on track.  Do not be deterred by frustration or obstacles in your path.

Number Five: Make a list of action plans needed to implement and achieve your desires. Be sure that this list is long and detailed. Be ready to follow through with the steps needed to bring your dreams to life.

Ticket to Success Number Six: Be sure that your plans are in line with what is currently needed. You might be really good at Oragami, but this doesn’t exactly bring in the money. Nor does it fit a need. Do your goals match your vision for your life? Are they in line with your capabilities and strengths? So many people have jobs that they don’t like because their jobs are not a good fit with their talents. Jobs are such an integral part of our lives. Happiness and fulfillment come from getting involved in work that blends with innate talents.

Follow these six tickets to success and your life will resonate with fulfillment.

Follow your passion. Become a chef

Follow your passion. Become a chef






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