Why Should I Stretch To Success?

Stretch To Success:

Sometimes it’s necessary to stretch our limits to achieve success. I call it stretch to success.

Do you find yourself setting new goals and adding new responsibilities? Do you  question whether you can add one more activity, one more appointment, and one more task?  More tasks means more work, more accountability, and more challenges to your time.

As I look at my own life, I wonder whether I can incorporate marketing groups into a schedule already filled with piano lessons, music therapy, various Doctor appointments, and daily exercise designed to improve balance and coordination? Will this affect my health? Will I have the stamina to do it all? Is this what God has called me to do? I have a lot of questions and am seeking quite a few answers.

I decided to change my thinking to a positive joy-filled position. When I think of it all being joy-based, my body responds accordingly with more energy and enthusiasm.

I have a darling four year old piano student by the name of Vraju. I assigned a new piece during her lesson this morning. It was a bit of a stretch for her. Her response was a life lesson for me.

She looked a bit worried and concerned. I assured her that she could accomplish the task.

Perhaps this was the lesson I needed to give to myself. Could I use the stretch to success concept in my own life? Could I convince myself that I could handle just a bit more responsibility?

I didn’t give Vraju more than she could handle. I gave her a stretch to success lesson. She was raised up a notch and not up an entire cliff.

That’s the key to raising achievement levels. Make those goals doable. It’s not necessary to climb to the top in record time. Go up that ladder one rung at a time.

Speak those goals out loud every day. Become comfortable with achieving your wants and needs. The tongue is a powerful tool. Articulate your goals. Write them down. Claim them throughout the day.  Become infused wit h fire and enthusiasm for achieving them. Know that they are attainable.

We were made to succeed. We were made to find happiness, abundance, and security in our lives. We were made to stretch to success. Make those stretches doable and fun.

Learn what you can handle and go with that.



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