A New Year: A New Beginning

New Beginning

Twenty seventeen can be a year of a new beginning. It’s your choice. How do you want to shape the new year? Do you want to keep the same insecurities or do you want to build new opportunities? Do you want to keep the same challenges or do you want to shape new areas of success? Do you want to maintain the same relationship problems or do you want to create love, safety, and stability in your relationships? It’s all up to you.

Let’s look at several ways to create a new beginning.

  1. Getting rid of fears: Rely on the time honored scripture “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” Shake off the shackles of fear by putting on the cloak of safety. Claim the scripture “Put on the helmet of salvation, the breastplate of righteousness, the belt of truth, and the sandals of peace. This covers every body system and chakra. Doing this brings rock solid safety to your life.
  2. Creating success; Know that you deserve success. Know that you have the character traits to build success. And know that success is yours if you see it, claim it, and work for it.
  3. Building successful relationships. Know that you can build successful relationships by meeting the needs of others, by using active listening when you communicate with others and by living a life of service.
  4. Creating safety: Create the new beginning of safety by being mindful in all of your actions. I was nearly hit by a van when I mindlessly walked right behind it as the driver was backing up. Create the new beginning of safety by obeying traffic laws, by refusing to eat or drink while driving, and by setting up safety measures in your home.
  5. Create love: Build the new beginning of love by listening proactively to your partner, by bending to the partner’s needs, and by extending warmth and concern to everyone.
  6. Create Purpose: Build purpose by asking God to show you your life purpose. It is to create love? Is it to bring healing? Is it to establish peace and harmony?
  7. Create Forgiveness: Build the new beginning of forgiveness by letting go of all past hurts. Remember that every problem presents an opportunity. Remember that every hurt presents the chance to forgive. Remember that every challenge grants an opportunity to rewrite your life.
  8. Learn to create a new beginning.

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