Success and Meditation:Meditation: The Gift of Silence


Meditation is my key word this year. Every January, I start the new year with a set of resolutions. Number one resolution is to incorporate meditation into my daily routine. Meditation does not necessarily involve sitting cross-legged in the same position for a set time daily. I have a routine based on the work of May McCarthy, who spoke at the Saint Louis Center for Spiritual Living in Saint Louis a few months ago. It’s a seven step daily program taking about thirty minutes each day.

  1. Set aside ten minutes to do some spiritual reading. My favorites are the works of Deepok Chopra and Wayne Dyer. Of course, the Bible ranks right up there in my spiritual reading material.
  2. Set aside twenty minutes to write down goals, dreams, and aspirations. Describe what you want in your life in terms of color, quantity, and circumstances. Put as much sensory information in as possible. Do you need money? Set an amount. Do you need romance? Be specific about the qualities you want in a partner. Do you want to build your business? Go into detail about your business dreams. Go into meditation on your dreams.
  3. Devise an action plan for achieving those goals. Prayer brings about miracles only if you are willing to meet God half way. This brings up the reality of c0-creation. We are co-creators with God of everything that comes into our lives. God shows the way. We walk the path.
  4. Write statements of thanksgiving. Gratitude should not be relegated to the month of November. It needs to be a daily constant. Living with a thankful heart invites in more positive situations. Elevating energy levels by saying thank you on a daily basis acts as a beacon to more positive influences, connections, and circumstances in every day living.
  5. Focus on positive words. Love, joy, and happiness are all energy builders. Envy, hate, and unwillingness to forgive all bring energies down. Life then becomes a downward spiral. Positive words engender an upward movement. Let your words and your thoughts be your meditation.
  6. Become excited about your achievements. Find a celebration partner. Call or email your partner and share your triumphs. I get excited whenever I get a new piano student, when I achieve a new health milestone, or a I get a presentation.
  7. Read your writings out loud and with enthusiasm. Allow God to give you detailed instructions on how you should implement your plan. Act like a magnet, drawing in the circumstances, the creativity, and the intuition you need to fulfill your dreams.

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