Why Should Silence be a Daily Routine?


There’s an old saying: Silence is golden. Why is it such an important part of life? How many hours of each day are we subject to sound? I would challenge readers to keep a three day sound inventory. How often do we hear the rumble of airplanes? How often do we hear automobiles zooming down the street? How much sound vibrates from the radio, from the TV, from the computer, or from videos? We, as a nation have become silence deprived.

We can heal our brains.

We can calm our spirits.

We can still our minds.

The great avatars know that daily meditation soothes the mind, extends longevity, and extends the life of the brain. Documentation has been done to establish this.

Some sounds can counteract the negative effects of noise and can actually induce silence. Think about the melodies produced by birds. Think about the sonorous effects of running water. Think about the resonance of falling leaves. They all produce a meditative effect.

I have a morning ritual of thirty minutes of meditation. During that time, I visualize what I want in my life. I see what I want. And I pray for others. That soundless time is so precious to me.

I spend ten minutes of that time doing spiritual reading. I then spend roughly twenty minutes of writing  my deepest desires in my journal. This is followed by prayer for myself and for others.

I see healing for myself. I lift up the needs of friends who have health concerns. And I set intention for anyone who has a need, including myself.

Silence is needed during this time. Who can pray with the television on? Who can meditate with the radio on? And who can experience the effects of silence when noise is prevalent.

Yes, indeed. Silence is golden.

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