March to the Truth


I did not have the opportunity to attend the women’s march a week ago Saturday, but I did march to the truth. I marched on with my thoughts. And I am marching on with my prayers.

We have been hearing a lot about alternative facts, otherwise known as blatant lies. Perhaps we each need to define what our truth is, how we plan on living that truth, and making the pledge to live in integrity and honesty. We have seen evidence of gas lighting, or the tendency to embellish facts. Perhaps this works well when telling a good story, but it does not jive with political or presidential qualities. Our president has to have rigorous inspection of the facts presented to the military, to the CIA, and to the American Public. Perhaps having limited knowledge of seating on metro link or on crowd size is not considered to be important when it comes to political matters. I, for one, think it does matter. Behavior in small matters is a predictor of behavior in larger matters. Data is data, Facts are facts. And truth is truth. Are our allies going to be given inaccurate information in the event of a world cataclysm? Is the American Public going to be fed lies in the event of a national trauma? The facts need to be straight and not convoluted.

Women account for 93% of total buying power in the US. We can march with our dollars. March by refusing to buy Trump products. March by encouraging the development of environmentally safe oil. March by moving to protect our environment. March by standing by the rights of the unborn. Stand up for the protection and the rights of women. I sound like I’m talking out of both  sides of my mouth on this one. Perhaps I am. I do stand for protecting babes in the womb. Speak up for more education about birth control. Stand up for quality education, starting with the appointment of a director of education who has actually been in a classroom. Expect professionalism and respect from our political leaders. When they don’t give it, speak out by writing about it. Let your blog posts, your actions, your thoughts, and your public speaking reflect that demand for respect.


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