The Butterfly

The Butterfly:


There once was a butterfly in a cocoon.  Second my second, minute by minute, day by day, he tried to break loose and to fly freely in that beautiful meadow. But he had to wait. Nature wanted him to put up a fight before emerging into the sunlight. Once he burst forth, he could fly freely.

His time had not yet come. He was destined to stay ensconced in the cocoon until he could emerge.

He struggled to break out and discover his new world.

He pushed and strained. He breathed heavily as he tried to make contact with the world.

It was time for his birth, but birth was slow in coming.

A man was walking down the street. He saw the butterfly’s pain. In an effort to help, he took a knife and cut the poor little thing free of the cocoon. Now he will have no more pain, he thought. Indeed, his pain had ended because his life was over.

In his effort to help, he killed the butterfly, who would never fly, would never assume a beautiful color, and would never experience birth.

You see, when the butterfly was breaking free of the cocoon, he was developing the strength he needed to survive. The well intentioned stranger deprived him of the opportunity to become strong, independent, and viable.

Life is like that. Sometimes we need struggles in order to strengthen. Sometimes our trials enable us to develop coping skills, without which life would be challenging. Sometimes we need to be like the butterfly and contend with the cocoon for a while. Trials strengthen us. Challenges enable us to cope with life events. Birth efforts bring forth a new existence.

Take your life lesson from the butterfly. Be grateful for everything, even life challenges. They can lead us upward and onward.

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