Building Your Happiness Quotient


Build a happiness hedge to address your problems. Maladaptive behaviors often come as reactions to life stressors. I recently had an interesting conversation with someone who has a problem with addiction to alcohol. He had several major challenges hit him in 2007. Both of his parents died within three weeks of each other. He had the responsibility to mange both of their estates. When overwhelm hit, he began to overindulge in alcohol. a few months later, he had a heart attack, probably from alcohol consumption.

Could there have been a better solution? What if he made the commitment to build his happiness quotient? What if we all could work to build life satisfaction?

About a year ago, I spoke with an employee at a local Whole Foods market. She gave me her happiness quotient recipe. Every morning, she follows a five step program in her daily prayer routine.

  1. Spiritual reading, including anything by Wayne Dyer, quotes from the Bible, and readings from inspirational writers.
  2. Setting your intention: She then sets her intentions for the day.
  3. Prayer for self: This includes prayers of petition, of gratitude, and of worship.
  4. Prayer for others.
  5. Thoughts about what makes her happy.

So what can you include in your happiness quotient? What makes your heart sing? What fills you up with joy?

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