The Dreams of Your Future

Dreams of Your Future

Do you think more about the history of your past  than about the dreams of your future? Do you let the past hinder your thoughts, plans, and aspirations? Think about that famous Thomas Jefferson quote: “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.”

Why waste time and energy focusing on past events when the future lies before you, ripe and ready to develop and pluck. Did you grow up in a dysfunctional home? If you did, try thinking about the lessons learned from that experience. Have you made mistakes in you life? What truths can you realize from those errors? Were you hurt? Try reversing that trend and sending positive DNA into future generations by reversing your hurts.

So what are the dreams of your future? Do you desire financial abundance? Is wealth a part of your dreams for your future? Did you know that over 2000 verses about money are in the Bible?  There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to accrue wealth as long as it is used to create a world that works for all. Think about Bill and Melinda Gates who have donated millions to charities and to the development of environmentally friendly resources. Think about Warren Buffet who has worked tirelessly to fund enterprises and companies that serve to make life easier for their employees. Think about Oprah Winfrey whose philanthropic efforts have involved thrusting millions into world-wide causes and missions.

Do you want romance in your life? Is finding love one of your dreams for your future? Why not? The single life can be daunting and lonely. Who wouldn’t want someone to partner with you on major life decisions? Who wouldn’t want someone who is willing to spend quality time with you? Who wouldn’t want intimacy?

Is success one of your dreams for your future? Why not enjoy the fruits of being successful in all of your enterprises. One of the most powerful ways to achieve your dreams for your future is to live in line with your strengths. When we do what we love, our hearts sizzle. When we live in harmony with our talents, we find joy. And when our lives center around our passions, our dreams can be fulfilled.

Live for the dreams of your future.

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