Learn to Treasure Silence

Treasure Silence

I have learned how to treasure silence. In May of 2016 I was diagnosed with spasmodic vocal dysphonia, a neurological condition which affects the vocal cords. My voice was becoming more and more restricted, tight, and difficult to control. My ENT suggested botox treatment to my vocal cords. I was told that my voice would be breathy for three to four days. Instead, it was breathy for three weeks. I could not talk or sing. I kept calling the doctor and asking when this would go away. They told me to be patient. For three weeks, the ability to communicate was absolutely gone.

In desperation, I sought the help of a counselor who encouraged me to recognize this as a time to sit still and communicate with God. I would have nothing to do with that idea. I wanted to talk.

Fortunately, with the help of acupuncture and a functional medicine neurologist, my voice has been completely restored.

The whole episode was a wonderful learning experience. I learned how to treasure silence, to treasure my voice, and to treasure being able to sing once again.

Taking each letter of the word silence, I have come up with the following treasure trove.

S – Sitting in silence. What a pleasure it is to sit in prayer each morning to set the tone of the day.

I- Setting intention. Every major life event starts with a thought. Setting intention brings happiness, peace, and fulfillment

L -Learning: Each life circumstance is connected to learning. I had to learn patience during those three weeks.

E – enthusiasm: Learn to greet each day with enthusiasm.

N- Needs: Learn how to meet your needs better and extend this to helping others meet their needs

C- Character: Use each life event to build character.

E – Energy: Approach life with zest and energy.

So what are your treasures?





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