Building happiness


Happiness is golden. A professor of philosophy gave his class an object lesson. He presented them with a glass and filled it with rocks. He asked the class if the glass was full. They all said yes. He asked them what the rocks represented in their lives. After quite a bit of discussion, they agreed that the rocks represented family, work, faith, character, goals, and ambitions. The rocks were their main life priorities. They were the ingredients needed to build happiness.

He then filled the glass with pebbles. The pebbles filled up the spaces between the rocks. He asked the class if the glass was still full. They answered with a resounding yes. He then explained that the pebbles represented those aspects of life that are important, yet subservient to those life parts represented by the rocks. If the pebbles are removed, the important parts would still remain. Fulfillment would prevail.

He proceeded to fill the glass with sand, which filled up the space between the rocks and the pebbles. Was the glass still full? Of course, the class responded with yet another yes! The sand represents the less important things in life. If the sand and the pebbles were removed, the rocks would still be there and happiness would still prevail.

What is the moral of the story? Cultivate happiness by paying attention to the most significant life areas: family, faith, character, goals, and ambitions.

This is how we keep that glass filled. This is how we achieve happiness. This is how fulfillment reigns supreme in our lives. When attention is given to the rocks, the pebbles and the sand will take their respective places. Put an emphasis on what is important. Cultivate family relationships. Build on your faith. And develop your goals. Accomplish all three and happiness is yours.



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