Be Blessed, Grateful, Excited, and Thankful

Be Excited!

Be excited. Wake up each day to a world of wonder. How do we do this when we are in such political turmoil? How do we capture a success mentality when meals on wheels has been dropped, when children are being separated from their parents at the border? And how can we shower blessings down when the health care debate is going on? How we be excited?

Let’s take a look at a few ideas on being blessed, grateful, and excited.

Blessed: Spend some time each day looking at what is going right. Is your health holding up? that’s a blessing. Are your children healthy? That’s a blessing. Do you have food in your house. That’s a blessing.

Grateful: Do you have a refrigerator full of food? Be grateful. Is your house clean and orderly? Be grateful. Do you have several good pairs of shoes? Be grateful for your shoes. A few years back I heard a wonderful talk given by Bendet Fjainer, a holocaust survivor. He talked about the need for a good pair of shoes in the camps. One could not survive with a worn out pair of shoes. They were expected to work. One could not work without good shoes.

Excited: Are your children achieving academically?. Their chances of getting into a good college will increase. Do you have a good job? Your needs are being met.

Do you have the luxury of sitting down and watching a good television show. Be excited. Your recreational needs are being met.

Thankful: Do you have plenty of food to eat? Be thankful. People in third world countries do not have this luxury. Do you have money for clothes? Be thankful. We have the luxury to pick and choose when it comes to clothing.

So, dear readers, be blessed, be grateful, excited, and thankful. And have a blessed day.
















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