Hope For Homeless Veterans



Giving Hope To Homeless Veterans


A small town in Kansas has stretched out its arms of hope in an outreach to homeless veterans.  A Veteran’s Outreach center is adjacent to an area of undeveloped land at Troost avenue and 89th Street.


The new outreach center will provide free legal services, job referrals and training, literacy courses, offices for project staff, a food pantry, and free bus passes for area veterans. This notable venture is a true bastion of reuge for those who have served our country.


Other nonprofit agencies have met with other groups to address the homelessness problems in their city.


Our veterans need our support. The free tiny houses and the amenities provided to the veterans is an extension of the hope this community provides for them.


How can we support  those who desperately need some encouragement? Washington has just taken away funding for meals on wheels. Thousands of senior citizens will be denied much needed nutrition as well as the contact that providers can bring to their homes. I remember the days when my mother and my aunt were serviced by meals on wheels. /Not only did they get good nutrition, they were also provided with a safety check, a smile, and emotional support.


We can all look for opportunities to bring cheer, happiness, and security to those at risk. Let’s join forces to help the homeless, to be a beacon of light to senior citizens, to visit nursing homes, and to mentor young people. Reach out to the hopeless. Reach out to those who need help. And reach out to the destitute and restore their dignity.


I would encourage my readers to pursue volunteer work. In Missouri alone, there are over seven hundred volunteer groups, including:


Youth Volunteer Corps: (816) 472-9822

Senior Corps: (417) 862-3586 and (816) 314-5634 and (660) 425-7555

New Beginnings Salon (573)374-9490


Bring hope to someone: Google and contact your local volunteer centers.


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