Have Hope: Find Your Happiness Spot

Your Happiness Spot

Each day presents an opportunity to find your happiness spot. We manifest the energy of our thoughts. Think unhappy thoughts and struggles will appear. Think happy thoughts and fulfillment will show up. Think thoughts of productivity and success will knock on your door.

My happy thoughts all center around my work. I love the sparkle in the eyes of my students when they accomplish a piece of music. I love their enthusiasm when I hand out stickers. And I love the work ethic I have the privilege to instill in them.

I challenge you to think of at least one happiness spot per day.
I’ve listed ten of mine.

  1. Seeing a student walk through the door. Each child represents an atom of my purpose.
  2. Being able to express compassion to a nursing home resident. Staff members bring hope and inspiration to them.
  3. Listening to someone break into song during a therapeutic music session.
  4. Hearing the residents sing as I walk out the door. That hour is seldom over at the closing song. Sometimes they are still singing when the session is long over.
  5. Being able to sing after battling spasmodic vocal dysphonia and having three voiceless weeks last summer.
  6. Singing “Bicycle Built For Two.” This was the first song I sang after that three week hiatus.
  7. Putting money in the bank and watching my accounts grow.
  8. Taking a long walk on a sunny day.
  9. Praying each morning.
  10. Speaking at Toastmaster’s meetings.

My happiness spots have pulled me through some troubling times. They have sustained me and have brought me hope and encouragement.

What are your happiness spots? Bring sunshine into your life. Brighten your days with cheerful thoughts. Set the tone for the day by setting a prayerful intent. Declare what you want in your life.

Find one happiness spot each day.

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