Hope and Happiness

Hope Happiness and Kindness

We can all bring hope and happiness, and kindness to the world.

The Passover story involves an exciting story, delicious food, and a hope filled message- no matter how deep your suffering and bondage is, there is hope for freedom and redemption. There are two basic types of freedom – freedom from and freedom for. Freedom from involves liberation from  bondage. This could mean slavery or personal traumas like addiction, depression, or unhealthy relationships.

Freedom for is the purpose freedom offers. Once released from challenging issues, how would you use that freedom?

I define “freedom for” in three ways:

Freedom for Hope: When faced with trials, we can respond with despair or we can look for ways to break free and proceed to build a positive life.

What was it like to walk for the Jews to  walk through the Red Sea, with Pharaoh’s, army coming from behind? What was it like for those black slaves who travelled north, not knowing what lay ahead? What is it like for Syrians to board those rickety boats, not knowing whether they would survive? What is it like for them to arrive in another country, not knowing whether they would be welcomed and embraced?

Freedom for Purpose:

Breaking free carries responsibility, purpose, and meaning: Purpose for freedom from addictions may include a mission of bringing hope to those afflicted with alcoholism, drugs, or spending.

Freedom for Kindness

Bondage of any nature begets despair and hopelessness. Breaking free sets the stage for happiness. Joy cannot prevail in the presence of addictions.

Peace cannot abide in the reality of anger and resentment. Tranquility cannot survive when bathed in rage. Happiness lives alongside forgiveness, kindness, and a connection to God. Kindness toward those who have wronged us brings peace of mind.

I define “freedom from” as

Freedom from unhealthy habits: Overeating, all drinking, and all drugs are unhealthy habits. They all serve to cloak problems and to create challenges more serious than the precipitating stressors that cause them. Healthy choices create quality of life. Unhealthy habits destroy life.

Freedom from Resentment and Anger: Forgiveness sheds a positive light on life situations. Releasing anger creates a vacuum that forgiveness can heal.

Freedom from despair: Hope is the antithesis of despair. The ability to see purpose in life’s vicissitudes puts a positive light on challneges.




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