Teaching and Bringing Hope

Bringing Hope:

I brought hope to four little children today  at the Center for Spiritual Living in Maryland Heights, Missouri. We called our class, passing the torch of learning. Instead of being the lead teacher, I taught each child a musical skill on the piano and on the guitar. Each child then proceeded to teach another child in the class. I was thrilled with the way they communicated information to each other. They did a much better job than I would have done. Clear explanations were given. They encouraged one another. They each inspired the others to learn in a creative manner. It was a thrilling scenario to watch. How much information can we adults pass along to our children when we allow them to teach each other? How valuable is the lesson of cooperation when we allow them to work as a team to inform one another? How much can they gain when they are allowed to mentor one another?

We can bring hope to a whole generation when young people are encouraged to interact, learn, and grow in knowledge. top down teaching has its place. But I think that we need to permit our children and our teens to guide and instruct one another. These four little ones, aged four to eight, were a delight to watch. They brought hope with encouragement. They seemed to know how much each other could absorb. When they had problems grasping a concept, the others encouraged them to keep on trying, It was a joy to watch.

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