From Chaos To Hope

Chaos To Hope:

We need to go from chaos to hope

The events of the past week have been dizzying. Riots in Charlottesville North Carolina have brought the nation to its knees. Shootings and outbursts have put most everyone on edge. When will this all end? Will we have civil war? How can we march from chaos to hope? Let’s consider several possibilities:

1 Inculcate our children with thoughts of acceptance of all races. Toddlers do not distinguish between blacks and whites. We are all on the same playground as far as they are concerned. We need to encourage children to maintain those beliefs. Children do not live in chaos. They go from chaos to hope. Teach your children to be tolerant. Teach your children to be accepting of all races. Teach your children the value of non-violence.

2. Turn off all violent media. Studies have shown the reality of a “megamorphic field” in which violent energies still vibrate in the atmosphere even when violence in the media is not being displayed. It is even more present when it is actively produced on television and videos. Our children must be placed on a violence free diet. Subject your children to positive media devoid of all violence.

3. Become strongly connected to a religious faith. Be sure that religious belief does not endorse white supremacy or the supremacy of any religious group. Hasn’t the world suffered enough from bias? How many holocausts must we endure before we wake up and denounce any kind of supremacy movement? How much blood must be shed before we wake up? Religious belief must reflect tolerance and acceptance.

4  Stand up for your belief system. Befriend blacks, Jews, Muslims, Catholics, Protestants, and gays. Let your roster of acquaintance reflect that wonderful array of variety the world has to offer. Open your home to people of other nationalities. Invite a black family for dinner. Be civil to Muslims. And strive to learn about other cultures.

5. Do not let the rhetoric of the bigots and red necks change your view of the innate value of each human being. Stand firm in your beliefs.

6. Love and respect all. Go from chaos to hope. Be spiritually fed on all levels. Cry hope, not hatred. Refuse to be any part of any kind of supremacist movement. Know that we are all created as equals in the eyes of God. Know that  we are all one. Support systems which honor and respect everyone.

Barbara Altman, the author of hope, has written two books: “Hope Shines Eternal: My Journey Through Mental Illness” and Passages of Hope, 52 Real Life Stories that Will Inspire and Encourage You.” Both can be purchased on Amazon, Kindle, and on WWW.



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