Saint Louis: Hope

Healing in Saint Louis:

Most of the nation probably knows about the situation in Saint Louis. Can healing occur in Saint Louis? Former officer Stockley was just acquitted of murder charges in the 2011 shooting of Anthony Lamar Smith. I have an opinion about what happened in this case. I am not going to express it here. Unfortunately we live in a culture of drugs and other addictions. Smith was certainly culpable when it came to drug dealership. I wonder how many innocent lives were lost to his involvement with the drug culture.

Police departments  have a strained record when it comes to dealing with blacks.

My father was a night dispatcher for the Webster Groves police department in the fifties. He often came home with stories of a black man being beaten savagely for stealing a loaf of bread while a wealthy white man would be dismissed from a DWI charge with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. Serious infringements were met with a slack attitude while minor theft brought down the wrath of the stick.

Is there hope for Saint Louis? Is there hope for the country?

Ponder the following suggestions.

  1. Recognize that we are all made in the image and likeness of God.
  2. Strive to strengthen the role of fathers in the family. Unfortunately, single family units and out of wedlock births are becoming the norm in all cultures.
  3. Come down hard on those who break the law.
  4. Honor faith based activities.
  5. Encourage strong police presence when violence occurs. I’m sure that my readers will have other suggestions. Is there hope for Saint Louis? I think there is.















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